Sunday, June 28, 2009

Riding With Angels

This picture is of our van that went into a 6ft. ditch last night on our way home from our two boys's travel baseball game. P.S. NO, I HAD NOT TOUCHED A DROP OF ALCOHOL!

The scenario? A long day, too much sun and chatting with an ecstatic baseball player. I was following my husband and son home from the baseball game and talking to our oldest about the team securing 1st place in their 10U division. My daughters were in their booster seats sleeping. Alec and I were talking and the next thing I know, life happened & I heard the sound of tires on gravel.
I've never been in an accident and I FROZE! All I remember I was feeling like we were flying through the ditch. It felt like a dream until my son asked "Are we going to flip over?!" I said "No" but then thought, "Oh dear Lord, please keep us safe and don't let us flip." We were tipping & I really thought going over. Then wondered "Why won't this van stop?" I couldn't do anything. I was frozen in time with the outside whizzing past me like I was on a roller coaster. After what seemed like an eternity and approx. 50 yards later, the van stopped. The ride came to an end. All that was missing was the "Please stay in your seats until the ride comes to a complete stop. Thank you for riding...."

The kids were safe, I was safe. Non of us were injured! After all that had been settled, I thought about how scared Brad and Mason must have been watching the accident and what was going through their heads. Then I wondered how ticked off Brad would be & what kind of damage did I do to the car? Good news, the car was drivable and Brad was thankful to see non of us were hurt. Mason, he didn't have a clue as he's too short to see into the side view mirrors! :)

According to the police officer I took my eye off the road, the tires hit the gravel & because they were worn, I didn't have traction to grab and take me back up the hill. He also thinks I "blacked out" in a panic and like I said, "just froze". That I may have hit the gas thinking it was the break and that is why it seemed like we kept going faster instead of stopping. But he thinks more likely, I took my foot off the gas, but didn't place it on the break, I just steered. He said I reacted like a typical first timer. Believe it or not, that was a bit comforting since I felt like a total messup!

After the tow truck pulled us out and Brad changed the flat, I carefully (!) drove Brad's truck home while he drove the van home. All in all, we made it home safe. I do believe we were kept safe because we were riding with Angels!


  1. Oh Ellen, I am so glad you and your little ones are okay! Thank you Lord!

  2. Ellen, I'm so glad you all are ok.


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