Friday, June 26, 2009

Stumbling Upon Life

Today is a new day. A new chance to stumble upon life as it happens. Do you ever feel that you have life all figured out until, WHAM! You're smelling the gravel beneath your feet? Just how many times has this happened to you? For me, it seems weekly.

Life is unpredictable. Look at the recent news headlines. Just this week we lost a man that made millionaires, said goodbye to an angel and are "moonwalking" in honor of the King of Pop. I for one didn't wake up this week thinking this is how it would turn out. We as a nation have stumbled upon sadness. But what happens when we stumble, we stand up, brush ourselves off and go along our merry way watching out for potholes.

I once heard that life is not about how far you fall, it's about how long it takes you to get back up. That is so true. But to be honest, there are days I'd like to just lay there & stare at the sky. Yesterday around The Smith home was a perfect example. I filled the pool, mopped the floor and worked on putting the grass clippings around the garden. After I went to check the pool, I found it leaking, the dog had snuck into the house and tracked muddy footprints across the kitchen floor while the other dog was digging in the grass clippings in the garden. So the Sugarland "It Happens" song goes, "ain't no rhyme or reason, no complicated meaning, ain't no need to overthink it, let go happens!"

So here's to the journey of Stumbling Upon Life as it occurs.

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