Thursday, July 9, 2009

Scary Monster

Today I met my scary monster. In fact she stayed and visited all day! Nah, not my Mother-in-Law. Nope, not even my children. Today was all me. I was the scary monster. From the moment I opened my eyes, I was grumpy.

I "meditated" over the warmth of two cups of coffee which only made me have to pee. I checked in several times with my best gals at Prim Mart, but it was a slow morning on the boards. I paid some bills, ya, that's a great thing to do while feeling in a funk. So I put on my head phones and mowed the lawn while listening to some tunes. The music was more like nails on a chalkboard today. Once the lawn was done, I swept the grass clippings with the mower and spread them on the garden. But even smothering the weeds didn't make me feel better.

It was just one of those pity party, blah-blah, same ole-same ole, feel bad days. The kind where you feel as if you're in that carnival ride the Gravitron; stuck to the wall with the world spinning around you till you're about to puke, then the floor falls out from under your feet. Oh stop the ride or let me fall to the bottom!

The kids must have seen the green, frazzled hair and were scared good. There was no yelling or fighting. And my husband even let me text my meltdown to him the whole day. Nothing seemed to put my nerves at ease or keep the squeaky wheels in my head from churning the negativity throughout the day. Until...

My husband came home with a bouquet of flowers and a bottle of wine to go with the lasagna the kids and I made. Then after dinner Brad took us out to get a couple movies. So as the day came to an end, a smile grew upon this monsters face with the help of a delicious dinner, a hilarious movie (Role Models with Sean William Scott & Paul Rudd), and some cheese to go with my favorite "whine" - Good night scary monster!

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  1. Blame those grumpy old feelings on good old aging Ellen! I remember them well. Good news........... this shall pass!


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