Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010 - Come What May & Love It!!

Happy New Year from the Smith Party of 6 and Billy Bob the Snowman! Wow, 2010 - oh the possibilities we all have awaiting us this year. Here's to what may come this year and that we love it!

So, how did you ring in the New Year? This year the "Smith Party of 6" said goodbye to 2009 and welcomed 2010 by celebrating with family, friends, food and fun! We headed to the cabin for six days of nothing but R & R! We made a rink on the ice, went skating, sledding, made a snowman, an igloo, played games, ate, drank and were merry. The best part... we still have two more days before going back to the real world!

Confession time: Ms. Smarty Pants that I am, I had the brilliant idea yesterday that I'd be a cool mom and sled down the hill with the kids. Um, yeah, not such a great idea. Apparently you don't use your hand to stop yourself while going full speed down an icy, snow covered hill. Spent the evening with an ice pack, brace, ibuprofen and a couple vodka tonics to ease the pain of what ended up being a severely sprained wrist. Way to go cool mom - ouch!!

To end 2009 is a mixed blessing. It means another year has slipped by, but at the same time, a whole new set of exciting adventures is on the horizon. I followed the advice of the wise ladies over at Prim Mart and wrote down GOALS for 2010 and not resolutions. My goal is to have more fun this year and do so by achieving my goals. It's also to have fun while achieving my goals. So here they are for the world to see...

My goals for 2010 in no particular order:
* Read my son's book that he gave me, Bullies Are A Pain In The Brain
* Read Joel Osteen's book, My Best Life Now
* Be a better Christian, mom, wife, friend
* Stand up for myself b/c I'm darn good at my job!
* Drink more water
* Get back into shape & watch snacking (10 lbs to loose for this 4' 11" gal)
* Take hubby to Vegas in Sept. for his 40th
* Be on time!
* Blog more often
* Organize my life, house & mind
* Go back to school to work on my communications degree
* Pay off some bills
* Have fun while doing all of the above!!!!

Happy New Year & may God bless you and your family with a joyous and funtastic 2010 - COME WHAT MAY & LOVE IT!

The pics below are our fun closing out 2009: (1) skating rink (2) "Fox 'N Goose Path" (3) Smith 6, my dad, my sister, her friend & the friend's daughter (4) Smith 6, my mother, my sister, sister's friend and friend's daughter (5) making igloo (6) igloo (7) Me, Brad and our twin girls inside igloo (8) Sis's friend's daughter then my four kiddo's (9) Billy Bob the Snowman (he's up top)

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