Thursday, March 11, 2010

Beautiful Sunrise

"Look at the beautiful sunrise!" That's what the kids said to me this morning. Honestly, I went out thinking "a sunrise is a sunrise". But you know what? It was so much more. My mood turned around with merely a step onto the porch and one look at that painted sky. Spring fever began to creep inside my soul! Maybe I'm sappy, but I DON'T CARE because it's beautiful outside! The glow was so much prettier then my camera actually shows. *Note to Brad, need a new camera!

It was so nice out the kids convinced me to let them go to school without a coat. Don't you just love seeing shadows? Well, the kids were off to school and you know what I did? I took some me time! I poured a hot cup of coffee, sliced a piece of pumpkin roll and sat on the front porch. I listened to the birds sing, let the sun warm my cheeks and relaxed. I am a sappy, relaxed woman!

Yes Sheila, I will walk on the treadmill to burn off that slice of heaven!

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