Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday's Mixed Blessings

Today was a mixed blessing kind of day. I put on a brave face because of all the activities we had going, but now as I sit down to unwind, the emotions are kickin' in. Sadness is setting in. Today at a special voter's meeting at our church, a motion passed to close our daycare and PreK-8 day school at the end of the school year. The school has been open for 43 years. I attended the school K-8 and my children have been there for the past seven years.

Now in all honesty, we decided to pull our kids from the school at semester this year, after several years of prayerful consideration. This was NOT a decision that came easily or quickly as I was not just an alumni, but a member of the congregation for 37 yrs. I served as the PTS President for three consecutive years and this year was hired in as Admissions Counselor. My husband served as Athletic Director for three years and also soccer coach. Our heart and soul went into this school - so leaving was gut wrenching. But even though we chose to leave the school, we remain at the church.

The vote today was hard. First there are a couple teachers that are family friends and are priceless to us (YOU know who you are if you're reading this!). To think of them out of a job is distressing. Yet there are so many changes that need to be made to better the school. Not to mention financially, the church cannot support the school any longer. Although not having the school will mean more $$ to go to other ministries, it's still hard knowing that there will be no more school. I do hope souls in the congregation are willing to rebuild a bigger and better school and reopen in a couple years. If we can excel above the public school, my children will be back.

So today began with an unknown future open to possibilities, and now it ends with a closing of one door and a key to opening another door full of possibilities. May God be with us all on our journey through the future!

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