Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Watch Out Wednesday

Today I got up in a good mood. Yes, that chalkboard hangs on our family room wall. But by my second cup of coffee, the ugly monster reared her head. Da** PMS! Someone needs to change the meaning of PMS. It's not always pre, sometimes it's post, sometimes during. Ugg. It was the grumpiness that got me. Why today? Didn't Mother Nature know I had to make St.Patrick's Day Oreo Truffles for the Lenten dinner at our church? The balls went together quick and easy until it came time for the coating. Truth moment - I didn't follow Jessica's directions. I opted for almond bark instead of the white baking chips. MISTAKE! The coating kept hardening too fast. Seriously you're giving me this %**& today? The lumpy green gunk went into the garbage and I was off to the store. Learn from my mistake - USE WHITE BAKING CHIPS!

Sent this picture to my husband and he said they looked like a Leprechaun had visited... can't be mad, he's right. The second set turned out better - but forgot to take a pic.

I was still grumpy so instead of hitting the treadmill, I hit the road.The sun was shining and it was warm. Figured two for the price of pain. Go for a jog while sunning my blues away.
I jogged for what I thought was only a mile and wondered why my time was so far off what I do on the treadmill. It didn't take long to tick me off more at that moment. No more roadwork. The treadmill will be my best friend. While trying to run off the bad mood, my son's bus went by. I asked him if I looked like a dork? My wonderful 6th grader says, "No. But not to be rude mom, you looked kinda round." Thanks for the motivation son, now run away fast! I took my bruised ego downstairs to finish my workout with the P90X Ab Ripper.

When I complained bit***d to Brad about how painstaking the jog was, he said, "Hun, you ran 2 1/2 miles!" ??? After I heard that, my mood totally changed. I had jogged longer and faster then on the treadmill and did the ab workout. Take that roundness!

P.S. The truffles were a hit. Was asked to make them again for next weeks Lenten dinner. Think maybe purple color?

*Do you get pre, post, during or all month long PMS?
*What do you do to combat it?
*Have you had one of those honest moments with your kids?
*Do you have good luck with almond bark?
*What color coating should I use for the truffles?

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