Friday, April 23, 2010


What Would You Do?
Okay blog buddies, I have a question for you. Brad and I have a family member that knew of my uncle's passing, but has yet to mention any kind of condolence to me. Sidenote: yes the person was told & yes the person is close enough that something should've been said.

We're pretty sure this person didn't pass along the news to other family members b/c Brad has yet to hear anything from them either. Another sidenote: one family member was told by us and did send along a very nice email! We love ya's! Both Brad and I are having a hard time with this b/c it's the second time this has happened. So on one hand, we aren't surprised.

And no, we didn't want gifts or anything like that. Just a simple email or text to say "Sorry to hear..." would've been enough. Yet there wasn't even that! Although we did get countless junk emails from this person over the past two weeks - so it's not a broken computer.

My question to you is, would you say anything or just let it go? If you would say something, what would you say and how would you do so? I don't want to offend the person, nor do I want to come off as a _itch, yet we are hurt that nothing was said. Who should say something? If it's my family - me? If it's Brad's family - him? Or doesn't it matter as long as one of us says something?

Can ya send a bit of advice? Thanks!!


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    on you post... if yall are hurt by it one of you should maybe say something.. in a nice way under the thought of ... it really hurts that you couldnt acknowledge our loss in some way.

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  3. Sometimes the better thing to do is be the "bigger person". In the long run,he is the loser, not you. If you can smile and be nice when you see him again, that alone may make him think. It isn't easy though.
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  4. Ellen, I'm sorry you're feelings are hurt. I don't understand that at all - why they wouldn't send condolences. I'm not one to say anything but mainly because I don't know how to say it. So I'm not much help here. Hopefully it's consoling to know that there's one like this in every family. Sometimes more than one!

    Hugs to you my friend,



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