Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It's Okay, Tuesday...

Found this clever idea on the blog: Airing My Dirty Laundry. She actually saw the idea in Glamour Magazine. They have a section called Hey, It’s Okay and will list a bunch of things that it's okay to be okay about. So I'm jumping in b/c today I'm too dam* tired to do the post-its. Go ahead and join us on the bandwagon. P.S. It's doesn't have to be done on Tuesday either. Any day you feel like saying, It's Okay well, is okay!


...to be frustrated beyond the point of screaming when you've lost 10 pounds, feel pretty good about yourself and then two people on the same day ask you if you're pregnant. WHAT? "Well maybe it's the shirt, but your boobs look bigger too." Seriously, how can my 33 A's look bigger? I've dropped from a 34 to a 33 since I've been working out. And I ain't one for padded bra's. That would just disappoint my husband to go from WOW to oh. So it's okay to wanna take a whack at Weeza's!

...to jump and have my heart race each time the phone rings because my only uncle is in the last few days of his life with terminal cancer - so I know the call is coming.

...to be semi disappointed when the call isn't my mother saying he's gone. I dread the phone call, the grieving and all of that. But this waiting and being able to do nothing sucks!

...to wanna have a cocktail at 1:00 pm b/c you are stressed about your uncle, still pissed about the pregnant statement, worried about your two boys being gone with their friends for Spring Break and PMSing. I don't know if I want to cry, scream, laugh or kick the couch.

...to hate being the big sister and be frustrated when your baby sister can't make up her mind as to where she's going on Spring Break in one day and taking my son with her.

...to be typing this blog when I really should be putting in my 3 miles.

...to hide the malted eggs that the Easter Bunny only put in the baskets b/c he knew mom loved them and no one else. If they are hidden no one will know that mom ate them!

...to wish men had a chance to experience REAL PMS so they'd stop thinking it's all in our head and funny.

...to be me!


  1. Aw, Ellen. I can't beleive people sometimes! Don't let it get you down. I'm sure you look great! Here's to YOU!


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  3. I'm sorry about your uncle. I hope he is at peace.

    As for the pregnancy comments, oh how I fear them! I gain in my tummy and have NO muscle left in the middle after 4 babies, so I always seem to look a couple months pregnant. Good for you for running. I'll think about it.



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