Friday, July 20, 2012

Five Question Friday

Today is Five Question Friday. If you want to follow along, just copy/paste the questions onto your blog and link up. Have a great day & weekend!

1} What do you call them- flip flops, sandals, thongs, or slippers?

Flip flops I wear in the summer as casual when I can't be barefoot. And I wear them as long into the Fall as I can and as early as I can in the Spring. Sandals I wear if I dress up (which is not often!). Thongs are what you wear under your pants. Slippers are what you wear around the house when you don't want to wear socks.

2} Are you a "my kids can do no wrong" kind of mom or a "Johnny punched you? Well what did you do to him first?!" kind of mom?

I am definitely a "what did you do to him first" kind of mom! My children are great, but I know they are not perfect. If they explain their part in the situation I will explain the life lesson and apologize if they were in the wrong. 
3} Would you confront a good friend that looked/looks down on your husband/significant other?

Yes I have.

4} Biggest pet peeve?

I have so many, but my biggest would probably have to be belching and farting. I know we all have gas. People just let it rip and I have to suffer in the cloud of fumes. YUCK!
5} What's your favorite take out meal?

Does McDonald's and Taco Bell Count? If so it would be them because it's so frequent. But if they are just fast food, then I would go with a loaded pizza. Everything on it minus pineapple & anchovies.

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