Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sit A Spell

As I was sitting in class a couple weeks ago, I found myself wondering why people sit where they do? Some people are front and center, some hiding in the back row, while others sit smack dab in the middle. And then there are those that play musical chairs all semester. I am a back row person. Why? I asked myself that very question. What is the reason I am sitting in the back row? It is so I can people watch. It is fascinating to see what other people are wearing, how they style their hair, their fingernail polish, their shoes, back packs. It's fun to try to imagine who they are by what they are wearing and where they sit in class. So I realized that I don't sit in back to hide from having to answer questions (because I have gotten a lot more confident & do verbally participate in class), but it's to people watch.

Where do you sit in class? Or at church? Or at a meeting? Why do you sit where you do?

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