Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My Happy New Year Post!

Life is so uncertain. We never know from day to day, year to year what is in store for us. What we do know is life happens. Here's wishing that 2013 be a better year then 2012. May you find all the things that make you happy and smile. Be adventurous and not regret. Never look back, look forward with a smile because of the life lessons you were taught this last year. Each occurrence in life is a reason for growth. We are exactly were we are supposed to be. It may not be where we thought it would be, but it's exactly where God intended us to be at this precise moment. I am thankful for the friends and family that have been here for me through all my ups and downs over the past several years. To the friends and family that have not, thank you for my life lesson, class dismissed.

This last year was surely my most challenging year ever, but not all was bad. There were many moments that made me laugh. While other times there were many tears shed. And because of all the times of great happiness and sadness, I am forever changed. Although I would rather have not experienced the grief and challenges, I have learned to "stand and be strong". I really am a strong girl who is valuable and worth a life of happiness. It's okay to let go of those people in your life that hold you down, even if they are family. I've learned that family isn't just blood or by law. Family are the people still there for you when everyone else walks out.

Maybe I'm not exactly where I'd like to be right now, or have the love/respect of family and friends given back to me as I have given to them, but I know it's okay & time to just let go. I've been stumbling upon life as God intended and hope to stumble along the right road this new year.

New Year's Goals (not in any particular order):
Get fit (again! But this time for good)
Learn to ride a Rip Stick
Blog more
Read a book a month (and not a school book)
Each month, eat at a restaurant I've never been to before
Pray more
Laugh more
Take chances
Keep the strength to be ME, not who others want me to be
Take 2 vacations - 1 w/kids & 1 w/husband (working on things day by day)
Bowl a 200
Keep my new/used SUV clean
Organize the house one room at a time
Finally have a clean & organized bedroom
Participate in the Warrior Dash

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