Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Slippery Run & Body Revolution Day 3, Phase 1 - Cardio

Cardio 1

"Low impact cardio moves for “extra credit” calorie burn that leaves you lean and mean."

Today I did road work then the Cardio 1. Wow, must've been my brain not working due to lack of caffeine this morning because I didn't think about the roads being icy. I did a different route and realized doing hills was not such a good idea with patches of black ice. So my time was slower and surely not easy. Half the time I was zig zagging to find crunchy snow patches along the side of the road. Then I got down to the end of the road and whoops, I had to go back up that hill. OH CRAP! All that went around in my head was "this old lady is going to bust her ass - again!" Yes, I broke my tailbone 2 yrs ago trying to snowboard with my kids. Needless to say, I slipped and slided my way safely home to do Jillian's Cardio 1. It was great! The hardest part was doing the 3 suicide runs for 1 minute each. I am really loving the workouts. Jillian is motivating and even funny. She makes the time go quickly. Looking forward to another butt whopping tomorrow!

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