Friday, March 15, 2013

My "Baby" & The Facts of Life!

My baby boy (who will be 13 in two weeks) came home today with nothing but the giggles and a smile so wide it reached ear to ear. Then he said, "Mom guess what?" IDK! With my kids, it could be anything. He said, "I kissed Kaitlyn." "WHAT?!" Then with a shit-eating-grin, he says, "On the lips." OMFW!!! My baby got his first leason in the facts of life; his first kiss. So being the mom I am, I had to lighten the mood by asking:
"Did your breath stink?"
"Did her's?"
"NO, MOM!"
"Did you have to stand on your tip toes to kiss her?" (She is taller then him!)
"Not really."
"So did you get butterflies in your stomach? How'd you feel? What happened? OMGosh, did you get in trouble? She break up with you after?"
"My legs got shakey and my face got warm. No I didn't get into trouble. And no we didn't break up."

Then I hear yelling from the basement, "Yeah isn't that crap? He got his first kiss before me! I know life's not fair." That would be my 15 yr. old son - admittedly jealous of his little brother. I felt bad for my oldest, but so happy for my younger boy. I am grinning ear to ear and crying happy tears. My baby is growing up! WOW!

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