Friday, March 15, 2013

Smile It's Friday :)

It's Friday!  Great day yesterday, me time tonight and date night tomorrow night.  Loving it!!!

It figures, today is my day off of classes and I'm sick; low-grade fever, runny nose, sinus pressure and headache. Yes, I know, karma's a bitch. Well, this chick is kicking karma's ass! I took Sine-Off, Menthol Afrin, put on my imaginary Wonder Woman Cape and started Friday cleaning; garbage out, bathrooms cleaned, dishes swapped out and am revving up for my workout then off to the store to get St. Patty's Day food and treats! I'm planning on our typical corned beef and cabbage dinner with Irish soda bread and Irish car bomb cupcakes. Gonna make extra cupcakes/bread to take for bowling on Sat. night. Looking forward to bowling night and having some fun. Only bad thing is my son has drivers training at 7am Sun. morning. Ugg! Since we bowl with his best friend's parents, us ladies are considering pulling an all-niter ;) Yeah, right! Facts of life lesson: this lady has a hard time lasting till 8:30. So our bowling from 9-12ish at night is a huge feat for me. But one can try!

So Crystal, rest up and let's have some fun Sat. night! We can pretend to be Irish!

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