Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Shout Out of Congrats To My Friend!

Just wanted to shout out a big congrats to my friend Sheila of Living Smart Girl and Today's Work At Home Mom, who just became the new owner of Prim Mart and the Prim Mart Community!

Sheila has big shoes to fill with Shelly's departure, but she will make Shelly proud. So proud of my friend and her accomplishments, hard work and drive.

Thank you Shelly for a wonderful community that created life long friendships. That's how I met my dear friend Sheila! I can't imagine my life without Sheila there to talk with about anything! Shelly has a clothing site Muscle Threadz where they have awesome shirts for guys, gals and even kids. Hope you can check it out.

The Prim Mart Community is a place where we can go for advice, a shoulder to cry on, a laugh or two, creative ideas and a kick in the ass when needed. These ladies tell it like it is with a little bit of kindness mixed in. Sheila, can't wait to see all the great new additions you add to the community! Congratulations to both of you on your new adventures!

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