Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Accountability & Claustrophobia Attack

Here is a collage of my run, eats & weight today. I don't want to hear anything about the weight. I know it's not bad, but for me @ 4'11" and sporty, that's thin - NOT in shape! And Lori of FATTOFIT41, I will abide by your rule of not weighing all the time. But today I wanted a starting point & to be accountable. So here goes my breakdown of today so far...

2 eggs scrambled with spinach & topped with avocado & 2 tsp hot salsa and 1/2 piece of honey wheat toast, 2 cups of coffee, glass of Sassy water and my daily vitamin/iron/fish oil/glucosamine. (Damn old age!)

Snack at break during history class was 1/2 a protein bar and bottle of water. 

Run after class: 2.6 miles in 24:01 mins. Had to stop once on last mile because i had a slight claustrophobia attack. The tree buds are flying and one came towrd me and all I could imagine was sucking it up my nose & not being able to breath. Yep, sent me into omgosh look at all of them, can't breath!! So I stopped turned around & calmed down. felt like such a doofas that I had to take pics of the bud that landed on my knee. Don't look to close or you may see I need to shave. Yikes!

Lunch was a hard boiled egg, unsalted almonds, a pear, 1/2 cheese stick, carrots and bottle of water.
Now to study for my African history exam tomorrow and make a Sociology post by 11:59 tonight.

Dinner tonight is eating on way to soccer game. Any suggestions on healthy fast food? That sounds like an oxymoron!

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