Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Growing from Boys to Men

My son plays for Waza North 00 Black soccer team. The majority of the team has been together for several years, so the bond they have with each other is evident on the soccer field and off. When you are watching them on the field it's easy to forget they are just boys competing for a State Cup Championship. When you hear a grown man who know nothing about soccer and is only there because it's his step-grandson playing say "wow these guys are good! How did they do that?", that says something right there about how talented this group of boys are. Yes, just boys. But on Mother's Day Sunday, they showed they are growing into real "men" when they surprised their moms after taking home the championship at the Novi Jags tournament. I added two other videos that were made for motivation the day before they began their State Cup run. The boys have made it to the Elite 8 and play on Sunday in the Quarter finals. GO WAZA!!!
Current rankings:
Boys U13
   WAZA FC NORTH 00 BLACK   Michigan
Current RankChange

Total Points1596

 National Rank275 (+11)
 Region 2 Rank14 (+4)
 Michigan Rank6

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