Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hey, It's Okay,

 Here's another link up that is fun to hook up with. This comes from Airing My Dirty Laundry One Sock At A Time. Post some things that to YOU is OKAY to think, say and/or do.
Because hey, it's OKAY...
...to use a $3.00 box of color to touch up my gray's because I'm too cheap to pay $70 every 4 wks.

...to pray the thunderstorm keeps up so soccer practice is cancelled for tonight.

...to wait in the car for my boys to get off the bus and give them a ride up the driveway since it's storming. So what that they are 7th & 9th grade - they are still my babies!

...to have to touch up my roots AGAIN with the leftover mix because my gray is stubborn & I missed some spots.
...that I am counting down the days until the kids are out of school because I'm SO TIRED of the girl drama with my 5th grade girls.
What I tell the girls' each morning when I drop them off at school
...that my abs are so sore because I'm participating in the 300/30 Abs & Core Challenge

 ...to enjoy a glass of Three Lakes Strawberry Rhubarb wine after dinner which was ravioli, bread & butter and sliced tomatoes (don't judge - it was comfort food) :)


  1. You say it's cheap - I say it's smart! You're saving a ton of money that way!! I have two girls. Right now they are only 4 and 2, but I dread the drama days to come!!

  2. Thank you! Helps me justify the highlights to help break up the grays. Never realized it started so early. Left a message for you on your blog also....

  3. I should start doing boxed colors. I usually go to a salon and it is overpriced.


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