Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday Motivation - Have Fun!

Ugg, it's Monday. And if you're one of the norm, it's not something you are excited about. It means back to work, or school or even bills. Heaven knows that I am not excited on Monday's. Monday's can be a motivation zapper. So how about we take some time to change that and get motivated?

Do something today just for the sake of your own enjoyment. Recharge and rejuvenate yourself. It is a necessary activity that feeds and nourishes us on a soul level. Have some fun this week and enjoy the benefits it produces in virtually every other aspect of your life. Even if you dedicate just a half hour or hour this week to letting go and having fun, the benefits will be felt in your mind, body and spirit.

Not sure what to do? Have you skipped in a while? I don't mean school or work. I mean the typing of thing school girls do on the playground. That combination of walking and hopping. I'm not joking - try skipping. My kids asked me if I could and you know what? I FORGOT HOW TO SKIP!
*Side note: Fact of life: if you haven't skipped in a while, try it without anyone around. Or you may end up like my... your kids laughing their asses off watching mom be like, der! So get up and skip to my lou people.

Maybe this type of skipping isn't your cup of tea. How about go sit in the sun for 10 mins and just observe the world around you. How many birds can you count? What shapes are the clouds making? If you close your eyes, what sounds do you hear? Can you make it 10 minutes without being summoned by a family member or without boring yourself to death? Give it a try!

So that type of meditation is out? How about if you have to run an errand today, smile, wink or say hi to strangers. It will make you feel better as you see them smile back. Or if you are twisted like me, it will make you giggle when you see their confused look that says, "Who the heck is that?" You know it will bug them the rest of the night. Giggle as you think about that!

If none of these ideas float your boat, come up with your own Monday Motivation that lets you have some fun, and come back and share it with us!!! Happy Monday ya'll!!

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