Friday, May 10, 2013

PASSED! MTTC Basic Skills Test - PASSED!

I took the Michigan Test for Teacher  Certification on April 13th and just got the results 20 minutes ago. I passed!! It's only a basic skills test, but yes, I passed!! That means I get to apply to the School of Education this Fall. I am so excited. Whew, was worried about the math because I suck at math. Just to think about math makes my palms start pooling water. Yes, that much dislike and anxiety. But I didn't do bad on that either. Got 3*s out of 4 on all the math sections.  YYYYEEEEESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!

Examinee Score Report
Test Date: April 13, 2013 Examinee Name: ELLEN T SMITH
Cumulative MTTC Basic Skills Status
Basic Skills Reading Section Status: Passed*
Basic Skills Mathematics Section Status: Passed*

Basic Skills Writing Section Status: Passed*

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