Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thursday's This & That

A little this and that about my day yesterday. After my history class I did some grocery shopping. First stop was to Target. My shopping was sidetracked when I found some insulated lunch packs in peach Chevron. What did I do? I snapped a pic and posted it to @skinnymeg31 on Instagram. Okay, totally lost my marbles because I do not know Meg. I just follow her blog and Instagram pics, yet I posted a pic anyways because the Chevron reminded me of her. I'm such a dork. You know what? She replied back. Holy crap, Skinny Meg commented on my pic! That was so sweet, thanks Meg!

What lead to the shopping trip was finding a great heath drink recipe on Little Miss Momma's blog that I decided to try. So after Target I stopped at Wal-Mart to pick up grapes and pears. Proud health mama here ahha, I had the rest of the ingredients at home, yes, even Kale. Boom! Well, I got it all prepped and ready in my blender. Hit blend and NOTHING! Hit pulse. NOTHING! The damn thing wouldn't work. WTH?! Seriously? Oh how I wish I had a Vitamix right about now! Genius that I am, I helped mash the fruits and veggies down with a wooden spoon. I said I was genius right? Yeah, well it worked. The blender decided to eat the spoon, but of course, not the rest of the ingredients. Really? Insult to injury. The good news is that I posted pics on Instagram and @littlemissmomma commented. WOW, two amazing and "famous" ladies replied to me. What a good day. So worth adding a little fiber to my diet. Oh, and the drink is DELICIOUS - no kidding!! Try it yourself here.

Fact of life learned: sometimes it's okay to step out of your comfort zone and reach out to someone you don't know.

After my Green Drink was (successfully) made, it was time for a run. It was a rough start. My feet felt like they had weights on them and the heat and humidity was making it hard to adjust my breathing. It was a pure mental game to keep going. Well I got half way through the one foot in front of the other torture and wouldn't you know it, the infamous Shark Week began. Really? Now? Why didn't it air last week? And here I was worried that I was going to have the runs (no pun) from the Green Drink. Just my luck! Now what? I do what any insane and desperate person would do, jumped into the weeds, took off a footie and used it as a pad till I got back. Oh come on people, don't judge. I did what I had to do. It was either that or give free advertisement down my leg. No thanks, I take the footie. The whole rest of the run I kept thinking, "oh please don't fall out, and especially not when the kids' bus goes by!"

Fact of life learned: if you think you might start while out on a run, be protected dingdong!

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