Thursday, May 16, 2013

Yellow Car - SCORE!



Does your family play that game where you see a yellow car and yell, "Score"? It's a non stop game my family plays. Even while watching TV. We have been playing it so much, and for so long, that I noticed I call out "SCORE" in my head even when I am alone. Der!

If you're not familiar with it, these are the rules our family plays by: when anyone sees a yellow car, they yellow "SCORE". It can be any shade of yellow and cannot be a car that someone else has already called. If a car is called that someone else already claimed, you loose 5 imaginary points. If you call a yellow Camaro or Mustang, you get 10 extra imaginary points. Service vehicles like buses, taxis, tow trucks, semi's do not count as yellow cars.

The game is ALWAYS on, unless otherwise agreed by ALL players.

This game can also be played by punching someone in the arm when they see a yellow car. But we altered it because we knew the kids would use all their might to whack each other!

So what type of family games do you play? Slug bug? Alphabet? License plate?

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