Thursday, June 27, 2013

Focus T25: Get It Done!

Mark your calendars for JULY 8th! I know you have 25 minutes 5 days during the week to get in a great workout that is FOCUSED on getting you the results you want. While the kids nap, before they wake up for the day, while dinner is in the oven, or on a study break - you can do this! A great group is being formed to help motivate, support, and transform you using Focus T25 and Shakeology so you WON'T be doing this this alone! Watch the video above and if you are interested - message me or comment below. Spots are going so fast and I have a joining gift for the first 5 people who sign up with me - so LETS GO!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

So What Wednesday

So What Wednesday
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So what....

... that I did today is day 9 of the Herbal Cleanse and I feel different mentally rather then physically. It jumpstarted my mental want to get back to fit! Wish it would've been shedding some pounds, but the mental weight dropped it better.

... that I'm sore from working out 2x yesterday. I put in a 3 mile run then did Day 1 of P90X. It worked chest, back and abs. Actually not as sore as I thought I'd be though!

... if I'm volleying with joining the dark side and getting a FB to promote being a Beach Body Coach and Advocare Distributor. My opinion, FB is EVIL!!! But the challenge groups are online and uuuuggggg!

...that I spent $100.00 on JM Body Revolution and only used it two weeks because I just sold it for $75. Was happy with the P90X and never should've switched. Now I'm back to BB for good!

... if I'm not in the shape I want to be in for this weekend of getting into a swim suit for the first time this season. Oh hell, whom I kidding, it's a HUGE deal to me! No pun intended.

... if I'm dreading being with my sister this weekend. She always has something negative to say, thinks she's better then me and acts like it. I hate the B.S. she spews!

... if I'm out of So what's to post about!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Trying The Goodies Co.

I just subscribed to the Goodies Co. Taster's Box. Jump in line at to get yours! My friend Sheila from Living Smart Girl got me hooked on these sampler boxes. Yeah!!! Looking forward to these.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Bloated Fish & Fred Flintstone Feet

         +       =

M E !!!!
Yep, a bloated fish and Freddy's feet, that's what I feel like. I couldn't figure out why I am swelling up like a 3 day dead fish even though I'm doing the 24 Day Challenge. Well, as a lady pointed out to me, a fish needs water. I'm not drinking enough water to flush out my system, nor am I exercising. Oh! Well that's simple enough. So I bought me a couple gallon jugs of water at the Dollar Store to monitor my daily water intake. And I got off my ass and put in another 4 miles this week. My daughter and I ran up to the high school soccer field and then caught a ride home with the guys.
So hopefully adding more water and exercise to my 24 Day Challenge will take away the swelling and help with a faster result of a mermaid figure! Hey now, a girl can dream. No, a girl can achieve if she works her ass off for it!!!
Logged: 1+ gallon water &  3.9 miles in 40 mins. Not too shabby for me and my 11 yr old!

New Week, Let's Do This!

 Today is Sunday, the beginning of a new week. What better time then to kick off a workout plan. I have been on the 24 Day Challenge for 6 days and haven't been exercising with it. Well der, how you gonna loose the weight if you don't get off your ass and move it? The Advocare products are awesome! So I want to give it as fair a shot as I can in order to help anyone else wanting to try them. So today I am going to do it. I'm going to become accountable for my body, my weight, my health and to all of you who follow this blog. Welcome, Sunday. Welcome new week Welcome new beginnings. Welcome new me.

If anyone wants to join in, just comment here and we can be accountable together! Will post more on the 24 Day Challenge later today after my son's baseball tournament. Go Sting!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Bulu Box

Bulu Box  So excited! I just signed up for my first Bulu Box and was able to get a 3 month subscription for only $17.00!! That's a $3.00 savings. What is Bulu Box? It is a box filled with 4 to 5 premium samples from top health and wellness brands for you to try. It is only $10.00 and FREE shipping. You can try it out for just a month,  or more depending on your preference. Plus you can review the products and earn 50+ Reward Points worth $5.00 each month to apply toward your new favorites in full size at! My great friend Sheila at Living Smart Girl twisted my arm into trying this and now I can't wait to see what I get. Will keep you posted!!! Click the above box if you want to check it out for yourself.

Have you ever tried a Bulu Box? How'd you like it?

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Here Comes The Bride....

Two awesome ladies, Melanie and Holly are hosting a link up for us to share our wedding photos, do's, don'ts, cake smashing, first song and bloopers. If you had a wedding, or had multiple, are going to have one, have one in your mind pinterest board, and/or are NEVER going to have one - grab the button above and LINK UP!!! They even gave some ideas for what to share.

Share Your Wedding Details

How we got to "The Day": We met December 1990 when Brad was a Jr. High wrestling coach and I was the Jr. High cheerleading coach. I was 18, he was 20.  My parents did not like him because friends of theirs from church said he was a huge partier - truth, he was! So good church girl meets wild child. Brad asked his godbrother about me and he said, "oh dude, they are like the Walton's" Maybe that was a challenge then for Brad. Maybe it was also because my ex-boyfriend was living with my family because he got kicked out of school and his home and my parents took him in. Picked a winner there. That's for another story, probably never will be told. Well four months later and tons of fighting with my ex and my parents, we were on our way up to Central Michigan University for May Fest with Brad's best friend and his girlfriend, and Brad turned around in the front seat and proposed. I was STUNNED! Not sure what stunned me more, him proposing or calling me the wrong name? He called me Ellen Theresa and my middle name is Therese. I remember thinking, "What the hell do I say?" Then thought, "Just say yes, you can break it off later." Fast forward three years of being engaged. We didn't make any plans until July 1993 when we found out I was having a miscarriage. Talk about another stunner. The thing is, Brad had mumps so bad as a teenager that the doc said he would never have kids. So stupid naïve little church girl stopped birth control and wham, prego. On the way home from the doctor's office, my mom said to us, "Well now you two need to decide where you go from here." Brad's brother who is a chiropractor was getting married the following September and there was no way I was having a wedding after the fancy shindig they were gonna have. So we decided that we would get married in December - 5 MONTHS AWAY! It would also save money by having a December wedding because the church is decorated already! Yep, I'm cheap!!!!!
Colors: Burgundy, black and gold with Christmas trees and lights.

Location (church/outdoors/destination): We got married on Friday, December 10, 1993 at 7:00 pm at St. Mark Lutheran. I was baptized there, went to their parochial school, and all my kids have been baptized there. We still attend, although not as often as we should.
The church before the ceremony

Vows. Hated having to say "obey".
I am not a dog. I still do not obey!
Bridal Party: Hubby's step-brother's now ex wife was my maid of honor and my two younger sisters were my bridesmaids. The best man was one of Brad's best friends and now he is married to my sister. The other groomsmen were Brad's brother and step-brother, two of his other best friends and my "brother" - the kids godfather. The ring bearer was Brad's nephew and the flower girl was the girl I was a nanny for.
The wedding party.
I'm elbowing my maid of honor because I hate getting pictures taken. 
First Dance Song: We didn't have one because the reception was in the gym at the church. It was horribly boring. There was no alcohol. We had hors devours for food since it was a late wedding. The DJ was the parent's of one of Brad's wrestlers. They also did karaoke which only the 13 year olds participated in. We didn't have a first dance or father/daughter dance, no tossing of the garter/bouquet either. Mostly because I didn't want people watching me. I hate being the center of attention.

Reception aka gym
Like the crock pots?
Guess it supports my sister and BIL opinion of me as white trash.
Dinner aka hors devours.
Some of the wrestlers & cheerleaders singing karaoke.
Honeymoon: Oh it was so extravagant! Let me tell you about the awesomeness. We stayed at a shitty bed and breakfast that was a wedding present from Brad's parents. Go figure! We got there at 1:30am and had to knock to wake the owner up, which he let us know he wasn't happy about it. The room was icky. No champagne, nothing special, not even a frickin TV! Really? What do you do with no TV? At 10:00 the owner knocked to say we missed breakfast and it was time for checkout. So we went across the street to Big Boy and saw Brad's future sister-in-law. Yeah. Not! Then we went to the mall and walked around. Stopped at the arcade which is one of my least favorite places because it's like a casino , a waste of money. Then we went to our next hotel for the night, the Holiday Inn. Oh I know big spenders. There we were given the "honeymoon suite" with no champagne again, a broken window and an air conditioner that wouldn't shut off. Oh yes, thrilling. We got ready to go out to our next adventure, the Sports Creek Race Track to watch horse racing. Oh yeah, and I started shark week before leaving the hotel. Nice huh?! We got to the track and guess what? Brad's brother & his fiancé were there with all the guys Brad works with. Are you shitting me? Good Lord! One, I am totally not a social person so to spend my wedding weekend at a horse track with other people I actually have to socialize with was not the time of my life. I managed to get through the evening and froze me ass off at the hotel. We woke up Sunday morning to go open presents at my parents house. Oh yeah. That was my exciting honeymoon. Part of why we didn't go was because we were only 21 & 23 and paid for our wedding ourselves. My parents were amazing and did all they could to make it beautiful despite a lack of funds. Brad's dad and his wife, helped make the food and decorate/clean up. Brad's mom, is so into herself and such a tightwad she gave us $500 and no help decorating/cleaning up. All in all, we did the whole shebang including the dress and tux for $5,000.  Maybe one day we will take a honeymoon.

What would you do different? ALL OF IT except the cake! To this day, we still drive the two hours to Kalamazoo to Boonzaaijer Bakery for the world's best European Bavarian Cream cake ever.  But the rest I would totally redo. I would get married on a beach, barefoot with a different dress and no one around, except strangers. Okay, maybe my parents and our best friends, but they could be in jeans or shorts and barefoot. I would go party at the bar afterwards, light off fireworks, ride a standup paddle board in my dress and eat tons of seafood and Mexican. I would have fun pictures taken by a real photographer (not a high school yearbook editor because it's cheap). I also would not waste money on the disposable cameras for people to take stupid ass pictures. I would keep my last name & not change from Jones to Smith. I would also not be nervous about getting married and if it was the right decision or wonder what people are thinking of me, etc. Oh to have a redo!!!!! 

The delicious cake. Also had 2 sheet cakes.
But despite it all; good girl meeting party boy, growing up together, miscarriage, more challenges and struggles then easy roads, rotten outlaws that I finally decided to leave out of my life like the have me, and a cancelled divorce, we will be celebrating 20 years of marriage this December 10th. Yes, life together as an 18 & 20 year old is much different then as a 40 & 42 year old. Lots of changes happened to us over these years. Are we there yet? No, but we are trying. Marriage is many things, but easy it's not, and we are sure working at it!

Painting my nails 10 mins before the ceremony. Seriously!
Did own hair and just threw it up because I didn't know how to do it.
Nice flannel shirt Jones.
Almost 20 years ago.

I try on my dress every anniversary.
Only time it hasn't fit was when I was pregnant.
This was 2006. Guess I need to update.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

So What Wednesday

So What Wednesday 

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So what....

...if I am jump starting my getting back into shape by taking the 24 Day Challenge through Advocare

...that I am on the toilet most of the day due to the Herbal Cleanse that I'm taking. It's okay because I know the bad stuff is leaving my system. And that makes it worth it!

...if I am considering taking on the Manager positions for the kids soccer teams. Juggling full time college, 4 kids and substitute teaching will be busy, but to add manager is crazy. Oh well, that's me!

...that I am watching the very first episodes of Hanna Montana with my kids right now.

...that we don't have our pool up yet. Summer doesn't officially start tell the end of the week.

...if I am running out of things to say so what to. Dang, now I have to get up and clean the house, mow the lawn and color my roots.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Made it! AC Milan Detroit Waza Soccer

Well the family made it through another tryout season for travel soccer. This year we were smart and had the kids tryout for more then just one organization. Although they made the other teams, Waza is our home. So we stayed with AC Milan Detroit Waza Soccer. Our group is Waza North.

I am so proud of my kiddos. All four of my kids' made the Black, or "A",1st team. My biggest sense of pride is for my oldest son who tried out for the U16 team, but made the U18!! This is huge for him. He busted his butt this last year, training on his own at home after the high school season. He even played on two indoor teams during the off season. His hard work paid off and I couldn't be more proud of him. Way to go Alec!!!

Here's looking forward to lots of great games of soccer for all four of my kiddos. Do your kids play soccer? Is it an AYSO team or travel? Maybe our U14 and U18 teams would play each other since we travel out of state. Let me know!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Throwback Thursday

 No, this isn't about throwin back a couple brewski's or 1/2 price Long Islands at Applebee's on Thursdays. A girl can dream can't she?! Here's how it works:
1.  Every Thursday through August we'll be throwing it back with The Life of Bon. We want to see pictures of course, but we want the stories that go behind those pictures even more!  

TH  6/13  A memory of learning to drive, your first car or the early driving days.
TH  6/20  Elementary school crush
TH  6/27  Throwback birthday
TH  7/4   Throwback fourth of July
TH  7/11  First job
TH  7/18  Moving away from home
TH  7/25  Memory of one or both of your parents from childhood
TH  8/1   Favorite summer vacation
TH  8/8   Childhood friends
TH  8/15  First kiss
TH  8/22  Memory of a high school teacher or high school class
TH  8/29  Back to school memory

2.  Follow The Life of Bon, slap that little button somewhere on your post, and link up your Throwback Thursday posts!  I'm so excited to read everybody's stories.
3.  Visit new blogs and make new blog friends.  No duh!
Shall we begin?!?
Will have to get some pics from my parents for the rest of the posts...
My memory of my first car and driving:
1) Gosh, not too exciting compared to Bon's. My first car was a silver 4-door Skylark. My first driving experience that I remember was on my way to school and a dog jumped out in front of me. It was foggy and I tried to miss it. Didn't hear a thud or anything, but I got out and looked around dog. I figured I missed it and that it ran off. When I got to school I used the payphone - (yes, a 25 cent payphone, you people remember those?) at school to call my parents and let them know so they could go check. Nope, no dog found. Unfortunately, a couple years later I found out that the dog did get hit and it died several days later. I felt HORRIBLE!!!
2) My first time driving on snow was on the way to school. Go figure. My mom said to drive safely. Duh ma, I will. So I get 1/4 mile down the road and do a 360. Holy snowman it scared the beejeebers out of me. Funny how that experience still stayed with me and I hate driving in the snow. Still scares the crap out of me!
3) Coming home my Senior year from a basketball game with my friend Nate and my red Skyhawk lost power. All the lights went out on the car and it would only go about 35 mph. Now since I am a dinosaur, there was no cell phones so I couldn't call my folks to get help. Neither one of us knew for sure how to get home and it was 11:00 at night. We finally made it home without getting into an accident or pulled over. It was kind of scary but did give me a great memory. Wonder if Nate still remembers?
Not my cars, but looks just like them.
Photo credit

Photo Credit

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

So What Wednesday

So What Wednesday 

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So what....

...if Karma is no longer a bitch...Karma is mom!

...I just noticed the lamps in my ceiling cans are all different.

...I am ready to send the kids back to school until I finish with my college exams next week.

...if I am secretly wishing someone would ask the kids to stay the night so I have some quiet time to study. Seriously! They haven't shut up in 12 hours!!!

...if I hate my new computer. It locks up, jumps lines when typing and quits typing all together. And wouldn't you know it, karma happens during posting for my online class or taking an online test. *&^%

...that I have not picked up after the kids at all today because I am tired of being the crabby ass. They can get wrath of dad when he gets home...I sign out for the rest of the day.

...that if I hear the phrase, "honey boo boo" or "you butt"  or "oh poop" again, I will blow a frickin gasket! See it's not my kid saying it and the polite clues aren't working.

...if I am not talking with anyone today because I was taught "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." So I've zipped it! Would really say, "if you don't have anything nice to say, come sit by me."

Insane at Play

   It's hard to type this out with all the fbombs and cuss words flying through my head. Good Heaven someone help me! My kids are my entire world, but they are already driving me up a wall (short drive, I know).

The girls have a friend over who is my favorite extra daughter. But the noise, giggles, farting, whispering, picking on the boys, singing at the top of their lungs, teenage mouths mixed with little kid antics are driving me ape shit. Pair that with only getting 4 hours of sleep because of having my history final this morning and an exam tonight in my African history class and I was ready for a drink at noon. I was good but oh so wish I could be bad, and opted for gummy bears.

Ahhh, they are outside on the trampoline...peace for a second! Damn, spoke to soon!!!!! Just my luck.

Sidenote: Kids don't know I hid the gummies in my school bag. Hahaha, evil laugh.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


I've noticed many new people looking at my blog and just want to say I have noticed. Hello and welcome to my little place on the web. This is a place for me to write what's on my mind and try to escape the real world for a bit. Hope you enjoy your browsing around. Please feel free to sign up for notices on updates to my blog and/or leave me a comment below. Thanks for visiting and hope you come back again.

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Then jump back here to link up so everyone can check out your blog and try to figure out what's true and what you are hiding. Most importantly...HAVE FUN!!!
1) My favorite Tuesday show is Dance Moms.
2) I have one hand painted with neon green nail polish and the other hand no polish. In desperate need of a manicure.
3) One of my pet peeves is when the strings on a sweatshirt are being uneven. Just have to pull them and even them up. Even if it's a stranger.

Welcome Summer!

I am now officially the mom of (2) 6th graders, an 8th grader and 10th grader. Holy schnikey's it's noisey around the house now. I have a frickin headache!!! And this is only the 1st day... They survived the school year, now if I can survive the summer.

Friday, June 7, 2013

5 on Friday

I found another fun link up for you. This comes from The Good Life Blog
Here's what you do...
on Fridays, you blog about 5 things .... things that you're loving, things that are on your mind.  Really, any five things --- how easy is that?!

Grab the "Five on Friday" button above and include it in your post to link back to The Good Life Blog. Then join the link-up at the end of their 5 of Friday post, so you're a part of this little blog hop and get to "meet" other great bloggers {and get a whole lotta new eyes on your blog!}.  Win, win.... right?
Okay, so let's get to it.... here's my Five on Friday.
1) Braiding my girls' hair. To be honest, I didn't want girls. Life was great being a mom of two boys. Girls meant doing hair, nails, makeup, dresses and PMS. I was not a girly girl so there was no way being the mom to a girl was on my Bucket List. Then in the operating room I hear, "it's a girl." Damn! Oh crap, they are identical so that means..."it's another girl!" Oh shnikey's kill me now! BUT as time has gone on, these little she-devils make me proud to be a mom of girls now too. Especially now that we can wear the same size shirts and shoes - yes!!! Just this morning braiding Aussie's hair. 
2) Campfire & Community Chili Party: After having to post a comment about a party theme I imagine, it got me thinking back to some of the best times I've had during summer. It was the Sting Travel Baseball Camp Out. My husband and I started a travel baseball organization and every year we had a campout for the last tournament of the year. It was a blast! There was a COMMUNITY CHILI POT, Corn Hole, YUCCA and Jell-O Shots and late night tent collapses! For the chili, each family would bring their own pot of chili. Then we combined it into a big roaster and ate on it over the weekend - breakfast, lunch and dinner. "Supersize" Joe even ate the chili on his pancakes. No joke! And I have no idea how he got the name "supersize" - left that alone :) The Yucca is adult lemonade -um YUMMM!!! Oh how I miss the teams, friendships and laughter. Maybe I need to have a Chili Campfire party this summer!!! Here's a couple videos I put together after our campouts: 2011:
3) Memories: I was looking for a photo for my son and found some pics that made me smile.
My kiddos 2006
My kiddos 2012
My bestie Sheila at the Prim Mart Convention 2009
I want this body back! 2012
 4) My cat: as soon as I sit down on the couch and open the computer, Gabby is snuggled up beside me "helping me study". I can't tell you how many premature submissions she has entered for my online courses. She's my baby!!!
5) Vegas for 41: Since I didn't get my dream of turning 40 in Vegas, I pouted, bitched and moaned. But one wise lady said "Ellen, 40 is the new 20, that means that 41 is the new 21". So I've planned to party like a  21yr old in Vegas this August! 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

So What Wednesday

So What Wednesday
Here's a link up with Shannon at Life After I "Dew". 

This week I'm saying SO WHAT if...

...I started to cry as I drove up to my house last night, and saw the kids wooden swing sets all loaded onto the trailer for the trip to their new home & 3 yr old boy. It never crossed my mind that I would be emotional about it. But my eyes welled up immediately and I realized then that a period in my kids childhood was over. That was why I was sad - my babies were growing up! girls' brought me a glass of wine and said, "here mom I think you need it". They even added a sliced lemon to the side of the glass.

...I want to brag about all the awards my 7th grade son got today as top in his class, and to say he has such a great girlfriend.

...I decided to not wash my face tonight because I actually took time to paint my nails, do my hair and makeup because I had my son's awards at school, and I am proud of how good I felt.

...I put my oldest son's car out to the road (yes, the one we just bought him) with a 4-sale sign to teach him a lesson. You see, he lied to me over and over again about an assignment that he didn't do. I finally emailed the teacher for proof he was lying to me. So when he got off the bus, his Beemer was at the road for sale. *sidenote: after making him sweat it out for several hours, I tossed him his keys and told him to bring it back up to the house.

...that I have raised my kids to have fun with each other and play pranks. My daughter belched while waiting in the dentist office today just to mortify me. Then my other daughter took a pic of me while getting my teeth cleaned and posted it on Instagram.

...Karma sucks girls! :)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Up Front & Personal with Albie Sachs

Right now I am waiting for a special presentation from Albie Sachs to begin. Sachs was a judge on for the Constitutional Court of South Africa. He will be speaking on his friend, Nelson Mandela. I decided to go as part of extra credit in my African History course. I had to sit in the front row and feel so uncomfortable! I am the kind of girl who likes to sit in the back, not up front and personal. Will let you know how it went!

Update: I am so glad that I went to the presentation. It was funny, inspiring and educational.

Core Power Protein Shake Review

I was the designated car pool driver for soccer last night. Actually I enjoy it because it gives me an excuse to put in a workout while they are training. Boys train, mom trains.

After the mentally exhausting day I had yesterday, I was just going walk. But my Cardio Tracker app was already set to "running" so I kept it. The run was easy and a PR for me! I logged 4.9 miles in 37 minutes!!! Not once did I stop or have to play mind games with myself.

Since I gave my son my water bottle, I drove to the store for a recovery drink and water. As I was looking through the cooler one product caught my eye. It was the Core Power Protein Shake in honey flavor. The only protein drinks I've had are the powder kind you mix and normally drink as a meal substitute, so this product was new to me. Since I love honey, had a PR, gave up my own water, and went into the store looking like I ran through a war wash, I decided the day deserved a treat.

I purchased the Core Power Honey for $3.00. Let me tell you, this drink is GOOD!! It was very light with a mild touch of honey. I was expecting some heavy, super sweet drink. But this was just the opposite. It was refreshing. The honey taste was almost like the flavor you get when you chew on a piece of honey comb. It is made with real low-fat milk that is sweetened with honey. And honey helps to promote endurance and performance as well as helping to reduce muscle fatigue.

The drink was so good I thought it must not be all it's supposed to be. But I was wrong.
An 11.5oz shake has:
Fat: 3.5g with 2g being Sat. fat and 0 trans.
Sodium: 120mg
Protein: 26g in honey, vanilla and chocolate & 20g in the chocolate light and strawberry banana.
Calcium: 70%
Vitamin A: 15%
Vitamin D: 40%

What is Core Power? It is a post workout recovery drink that comes in four different flavors: Honey, Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry Banana (although Honey is the only one I've tried so far). It is made with low-fat, lactose-free milk and real honey. You can find out more about this awesome drink at or checkout your local stores and gas stations.

This is one drink that will be a staple in my house as a recovery drink from now on! This mom won't be giving up her Core Power without a fight. Have you ever tried one? If so, what flavor and what did you think of it?

*All opinions are 100% my own. I was not compensated to do this review.

Hey, It's Okay!

This comes from Airing My Dirty Laundry One Sock At A Time. Post some things that to YOU is OKAY to think, say and/or do. Because hey, it's okay...

...that I drank an expired Core Power Protein Shake yesterday and didn't realize it until I put the cap back on.

...that the Core Power Shake (Honey flavor) still tasted great despite being expired. be watching The View and wish I looked like Jenny McCarthy or that she was my bff.

...that we haven't put up our pool up yet. be glad that school gets out for my kiddos in just 4 1/2 days, but who's counting?

...that I am sad that we are selling the kids wooden play set because they have outgrown it. :(

...that I am looking forward to a glass of wine tonight!

Don't forget to link up at Airing My Dirty Laundry One Sock At A Time:

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1) I still have our four Elf on the Shelf dolls up because it made me the kids sad to have to say good bye to them for the year.
2) My first job out of high school was working at Hooter's, that's where I met my husband.
3) I have never seen the movies Animal House, Friday the 13th, Fast Times at Ridgemont High or Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Hello Monday

Maybe saying hello to my favorite things will put me in a better mood.
Join Lisa Leonard for another Hello Monday series.
What are you saying hello to today?
Hello Sunshine
my 3 yr old Newfoundland (Kenai)
Hello Summertime and soap fun
Hello backyard basketball & campfires with best friends

Hello favorite gummy goodness

Hello secret splurge
Hello juicy deliciousness
Hello tall, dark and handsome stranger
Hello to my favorite view,
wish I was seeing you now
Hello my favorite peeps; my kiddos & my mom