Friday, June 7, 2013

5 on Friday

I found another fun link up for you. This comes from The Good Life Blog
Here's what you do...
on Fridays, you blog about 5 things .... things that you're loving, things that are on your mind.  Really, any five things --- how easy is that?!

Grab the "Five on Friday" button above and include it in your post to link back to The Good Life Blog. Then join the link-up at the end of their 5 of Friday post, so you're a part of this little blog hop and get to "meet" other great bloggers {and get a whole lotta new eyes on your blog!}.  Win, win.... right?
Okay, so let's get to it.... here's my Five on Friday.
1) Braiding my girls' hair. To be honest, I didn't want girls. Life was great being a mom of two boys. Girls meant doing hair, nails, makeup, dresses and PMS. I was not a girly girl so there was no way being the mom to a girl was on my Bucket List. Then in the operating room I hear, "it's a girl." Damn! Oh crap, they are identical so that means..."it's another girl!" Oh shnikey's kill me now! BUT as time has gone on, these little she-devils make me proud to be a mom of girls now too. Especially now that we can wear the same size shirts and shoes - yes!!! Just this morning braiding Aussie's hair. 
2) Campfire & Community Chili Party: After having to post a comment about a party theme I imagine, it got me thinking back to some of the best times I've had during summer. It was the Sting Travel Baseball Camp Out. My husband and I started a travel baseball organization and every year we had a campout for the last tournament of the year. It was a blast! There was a COMMUNITY CHILI POT, Corn Hole, YUCCA and Jell-O Shots and late night tent collapses! For the chili, each family would bring their own pot of chili. Then we combined it into a big roaster and ate on it over the weekend - breakfast, lunch and dinner. "Supersize" Joe even ate the chili on his pancakes. No joke! And I have no idea how he got the name "supersize" - left that alone :) The Yucca is adult lemonade -um YUMMM!!! Oh how I miss the teams, friendships and laughter. Maybe I need to have a Chili Campfire party this summer!!! Here's a couple videos I put together after our campouts: 2011:
3) Memories: I was looking for a photo for my son and found some pics that made me smile.
My kiddos 2006
My kiddos 2012
My bestie Sheila at the Prim Mart Convention 2009
I want this body back! 2012
 4) My cat: as soon as I sit down on the couch and open the computer, Gabby is snuggled up beside me "helping me study". I can't tell you how many premature submissions she has entered for my online courses. She's my baby!!!
5) Vegas for 41: Since I didn't get my dream of turning 40 in Vegas, I pouted, bitched and moaned. But one wise lady said "Ellen, 40 is the new 20, that means that 41 is the new 21". So I've planned to party like a  21yr old in Vegas this August! 

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