Sunday, June 23, 2013

Bloated Fish & Fred Flintstone Feet

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M E !!!!
Yep, a bloated fish and Freddy's feet, that's what I feel like. I couldn't figure out why I am swelling up like a 3 day dead fish even though I'm doing the 24 Day Challenge. Well, as a lady pointed out to me, a fish needs water. I'm not drinking enough water to flush out my system, nor am I exercising. Oh! Well that's simple enough. So I bought me a couple gallon jugs of water at the Dollar Store to monitor my daily water intake. And I got off my ass and put in another 4 miles this week. My daughter and I ran up to the high school soccer field and then caught a ride home with the guys.
So hopefully adding more water and exercise to my 24 Day Challenge will take away the swelling and help with a faster result of a mermaid figure! Hey now, a girl can dream. No, a girl can achieve if she works her ass off for it!!!
Logged: 1+ gallon water &  3.9 miles in 40 mins. Not too shabby for me and my 11 yr old!

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