Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Insane at Play

   It's hard to type this out with all the fbombs and cuss words flying through my head. Good Heaven someone help me! My kids are my entire world, but they are already driving me up a wall (short drive, I know).

The girls have a friend over who is my favorite extra daughter. But the noise, giggles, farting, whispering, picking on the boys, singing at the top of their lungs, teenage mouths mixed with little kid antics are driving me ape shit. Pair that with only getting 4 hours of sleep because of having my history final this morning and an exam tonight in my African history class and I was ready for a drink at noon. I was good but oh so wish I could be bad, and opted for gummy bears.

Ahhh, they are outside on the trampoline...peace for a second! Damn, spoke to soon!!!!! Just my luck.

Sidenote: Kids don't know I hid the gummies in my school bag. Hahaha, evil laugh.

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