Wednesday, June 19, 2013

So What Wednesday

So What Wednesday 

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So what....

...if I am jump starting my getting back into shape by taking the 24 Day Challenge through Advocare

...that I am on the toilet most of the day due to the Herbal Cleanse that I'm taking. It's okay because I know the bad stuff is leaving my system. And that makes it worth it!

...if I am considering taking on the Manager positions for the kids soccer teams. Juggling full time college, 4 kids and substitute teaching will be busy, but to add manager is crazy. Oh well, that's me!

...that I am watching the very first episodes of Hanna Montana with my kids right now.

...that we don't have our pool up yet. Summer doesn't officially start tell the end of the week.

...if I am running out of things to say so what to. Dang, now I have to get up and clean the house, mow the lawn and color my roots.


  1. LMAO.. Hannah girl... I loved that show:)

  2. The cleanse and I just didn't pair well. All I did was bloat like a big fat pig and no relief. It was NOT pretty! :)


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