Thursday, June 13, 2013

Throwback Thursday

 No, this isn't about throwin back a couple brewski's or 1/2 price Long Islands at Applebee's on Thursdays. A girl can dream can't she?! Here's how it works:
1.  Every Thursday through August we'll be throwing it back with The Life of Bon. We want to see pictures of course, but we want the stories that go behind those pictures even more!  

TH  6/13  A memory of learning to drive, your first car or the early driving days.
TH  6/20  Elementary school crush
TH  6/27  Throwback birthday
TH  7/4   Throwback fourth of July
TH  7/11  First job
TH  7/18  Moving away from home
TH  7/25  Memory of one or both of your parents from childhood
TH  8/1   Favorite summer vacation
TH  8/8   Childhood friends
TH  8/15  First kiss
TH  8/22  Memory of a high school teacher or high school class
TH  8/29  Back to school memory

2.  Follow The Life of Bon, slap that little button somewhere on your post, and link up your Throwback Thursday posts!  I'm so excited to read everybody's stories.
3.  Visit new blogs and make new blog friends.  No duh!
Shall we begin?!?
Will have to get some pics from my parents for the rest of the posts...
My memory of my first car and driving:
1) Gosh, not too exciting compared to Bon's. My first car was a silver 4-door Skylark. My first driving experience that I remember was on my way to school and a dog jumped out in front of me. It was foggy and I tried to miss it. Didn't hear a thud or anything, but I got out and looked around dog. I figured I missed it and that it ran off. When I got to school I used the payphone - (yes, a 25 cent payphone, you people remember those?) at school to call my parents and let them know so they could go check. Nope, no dog found. Unfortunately, a couple years later I found out that the dog did get hit and it died several days later. I felt HORRIBLE!!!
2) My first time driving on snow was on the way to school. Go figure. My mom said to drive safely. Duh ma, I will. So I get 1/4 mile down the road and do a 360. Holy snowman it scared the beejeebers out of me. Funny how that experience still stayed with me and I hate driving in the snow. Still scares the crap out of me!
3) Coming home my Senior year from a basketball game with my friend Nate and my red Skyhawk lost power. All the lights went out on the car and it would only go about 35 mph. Now since I am a dinosaur, there was no cell phones so I couldn't call my folks to get help. Neither one of us knew for sure how to get home and it was 11:00 at night. We finally made it home without getting into an accident or pulled over. It was kind of scary but did give me a great memory. Wonder if Nate still remembers?
Not my cars, but looks just like them.
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  1. Cute driving stories. Just found your blog and it is darling. So what Wednesday was my favorite! Will definitely be back. Have a great weekend!

  2. Oh girl I feel for you on the driving in the snow. That's a whole different category of its own. So scary and hard. Probably the most terrifying thing in my life is snow driving. Curse winter! Thanks so much for linking up! Can't wait to read you next one!


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