Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Lake Relaxin

I am taking a Stress Management/Relaxation class as one of my college credits. We are learning the benefits of deep breathing. The breathing technique helped me face a couple fears this week (hold a frog/toad and go tubing) as well as calm my thoughts enough to hold my tongue with a family member. I also decided to take some time for me and sit by myself on the floating dock and read a book, "Carry On Warrior" by Glennon Doyle Melton. One of our assignments was to take 20 minutes and do a hobby that we like to do. So I decided that I would read. I haven't taken the time to read anything other then school books in at least a year. Honestly I think the last time I finished a book other then text book was the last of the Twilight series several years ago. Maybe that's sad that in order to take time to do a hobby that I enjoy, it had to be a school assignment. Being by myself on the rocking dock, hearing the kids play, the waves bounce off the parked boats and breathing deep while reading was so relaxing that I fell asleep. It was probably only 20 minutes, but obviously something needed. It felt good to take some time for myself. Throughout the rest of the week at the lake, I would remind myself how good it felt to do that. Although I took time for me to put in my run around the lake, I told myself that wasn't a hobby, it was a requirement. I allowed myself time to be Ellen out of the dock, not mom, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, friend. It took me reminding myself to "just keep breathing, just keep breathing" as I heard conversations of needing help and planning. Those things could wait the 20 minutes I was taking for my mental and physical health.
Fact of Life Learned: Take time for yourself. It is beneficial to you and all those around you. Even if it's 20 minutes. Do something you enjoy, just for YOU!

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