Monday, September 30, 2013

My Blogs 1st EVER Giveaway!

Tomorrow I will be hosting my very first giveaway! The prizes... a goodie box full of motivational items. I am so thrilled to be an ambassador for several of these companies and can't wait to share their items with you. Stop by my blog tomorrow to enter for your chance to win some great products!!!

Oh, did you think I was going to reveal the prizes today? No way! This gives you something to look forward to tomorrow! Let's just say, if you win this goodie box, you may just have the energy and style to take up running. Dun-dun-dun!

Happy Monday!!

Monday's Multiple Hats

Here's to Monday! It's wearing lots of hats today. It's the first day of a new week. It's the last day of September. It is the day that you plan what goals you want to achieve in October. It's a day to be motivated and make little changes that make a BIG impact. Are you ready? Tip your hat to Monday and bring on an outrageous October!

Today I am typing out my "To Do List" for the day. Hopefully it will help me get things done because you'll make me accountable. Oh, and as I was typing this, the hubby came home. Oops! Caught me still in my pj's. He needed to grab some stuff for a job. I was busted! So now I need to kick it into gear and get the house sparkling so I wasn't just lounging with bonbons and coffee. Okay, so coffee yes, treats, no. Dang it! So here I go...

Here is my list with strikethrough to indicate a completed task:

Arrange rides for soccer training
Take kids sports passes to them for basketball game
Wash kids bedding - hang out to dry
Wash the towels - hang out to dry
Swap out the dishwasher
Email BondiBand (Just found their site. Their headbands & compression socks look amazing!)
Email Whooha
2 new Blog posts
Get down & put up Halloween decorations (Nope-ran out of time. Will do tomorrow Oct.1)
Run (Last run of September logged-3.22 miles in 24 mins. Ready for Color Me Rad 5k on Sat.)
Make snack for son before his Varsity soccer game
Take son to bus for soccer game
Pick kids up from cross country practice
Dinner (left over chicken & dumplings)
Take kids' to soccer training
Go to Varsity soccer game
Finish Creative Writing paper

I think that's about it for today. What are your tasks for today? Do you have plans set for October? What goals to you hope to accomplish? Have a happy Monday! Enjoy this beautiful last day of September!

Fact of Life: Only 3 months left in 2013 - wow!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Motivational Monday

Seeing the post below was such a kick in the ass. I thought about when I wrote that and realized that not much has changed since writing it a couple months ago. Why? Maybe because I'm super busy with getting to be a full time college student, mom and wife. Maybe it's because I procrastinate and waste time making excuses. Maybe it's a combination of all of it. Either way, I'm not changing my fitness like I should.

So the A-Ha post was really needed today. How awesome that it came on a Monday. Today is the start of a new week, the first Monday in Fall. We are heading to Florida to spend Christmas & New Year's on the beach. So if I want to get in that bikini, I need to lace up my shoes and hit the road running. Bring on the miles and P90x! As my mentor, Pamela Crim said, I don't have to do this, I get to do this. Here's to regaining a healthy, happy me, new self confidence, motivation and relationship with God again.

I am a MILF (Mother In Love with Fitness) and it's time to get back at it. I am not a failure. I am not lazy. I don't want my body to show something different. It's time to take me time for fitness and be a proud member of the Fit Approach/Sweat Pink Ambassadors, Girls Gone Sporty Crew, Swirl Gear Ambassador and Smokin' Hot Mama's Club. This is my one chance to me...I want to be the best me I can. It's OKAY to get into shape and be a hot mama!

Who's with me? Who's ready to fall back into fitness? Let's do it together and all join the MILF, Smokin' Hot Mama's Club! This is the time. This is the place. We are the women!

How are you going to kick butt to do it? Share your motivation, recipes, ideas and goals with me!

Fact of Life “A-Ha” Moment

Here is my "A-Ha" moment that was posted on Fit Approach when I joined as a Sweat Pink Ambassador.


We’ve all been told about the facts of life. But we weren’t told the whole story. The facts of life aren’t just about the “birds and bees,” they’re about the lessons we learn throughout our life. Just like in the theme song from the 80′s show “you take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have the facts of life.” A-ha!

That’s what my A-ha moment is about – the facts of life. The good moment of life was happening two years ago when I got into the best shape of my life. I wore a bikini at 39 for the first time ever! I was able to walk the length of my basement floor on my hands, do back-flips in the water and ride a SUP. The new-found confidence and motivation that I felt was amazing. But then bad happened and I lost the strength, confidence and motivation that I had busted my butt to gain. To think that the 17 pounds shed, the 2 a-day workouts for 4 months went to waste has killed me.

My “a-ha” moment came when the weight on the scale started to rise, my favorite jeans were too tight and the happiness I felt was gone. The fact of life was that I was becoming the typical 40-year-old. No way was I going down without a fight. I want to be the MILF (mother in love with fitness) that my kids are proud of. Not the old fuddy duddy happy being “skinny fat” or “looks good for her age with 4 kids.” I want to be the “wow, you are how old and have how many kids?” girl.

A-ha, fact of life learned: this girl isn’t growing older gracefully. I am going to fight it with every mile I log and every burpee I do! This gal’s getting back into her bikini at 41!!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday, Monday, So Good To Me...

Today I started the day with listening to Pamela Crim's devotional and didn't come unglued on my kids! I had a veggie scramble for breakfast, an apple with PB2 for a snack and logged a 3.25 mi run in 36 minutes. It's been a grumpy, frumpy couple weeks and I need a change. Life is about being happy and only we can make ourselves happy. So thanks to listening to Pamela, I'm trying a different approach. I want to be happy again. I want the spunky girl back. Here's to beginning today and not looking back! Plus I want to be bikini ready for Christmas on the beach!!!! Smokin' Hot Mama's Club here I come!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Time to Roar

Just a little video I put together for my son's high school boys soccer team. They needed a little pep talk and hopefully this will help. It's been a long season so far and we've only had 5 games. Yikes! Come on Hornets!!!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Throwback Thursday


I joined another link up. This one is with Amy from The Story of Us. Today's throwback is all about your high school dances. Show your dress that you just had to have because it was the best ever. Copy/paste the above button and head over to Amy's site and link up.

Here is my high school prom. I'm the shorty with the triangle hair. That's my best friend from h.s and my daughters' are good friends with her daughter. The guy I'm holding onto was my boyfriend at the time. I was a senior, he was a junior. To prove just how stupid we are in high school, I continued to date the creep even though he got kicked out of school for stealing an engine in auto class. Yeah, what a dumbass! And I'm talking about myself for even being with the jerk. He wasn't allowed to go to the prom but still dressed up becuase my parents paid for his tux and our flowers. Yep, call me STUPID! He took me to the dance and then said he'd be back in 15 minutes to get me. I came out 20 mins late to see him driving away. Not a good time. But I was the naive little girl who stood for it. Until his parents kicked him out and my parents took him in. That made me see what a looser he was and I broke it off. A couple months later I met my now husband and the ex made it so miserable that I moved out and he stayed. The world kept turning and now he is IDK, either Heaven or Hell. He was in a car accident and killed several years later. And ya know what? I was at the hospital when he was brought in. I saw him and commented on oh wow, that poor guy. Hope he's okay. The next day I found out it was him and that he didn't make it. Funny how things turn out... you take the good, you  take the bad....

P.S. I still have my dress hanging in my basement!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Finish the Sentence Link Up

Linking up with Holly and Jake for a Finish the Sentence day of fun! Copy and paste the code and sentence prompts and finish them with your own thoughts. Then head over to either of the duo's sites and link up. Easy peazy!

My happy place... Sitting at a campfire at the lake at 10:00 on Saturday nights listening to 80's music with friends.

Whatever happened to... my piece of pie in the sky? Tart cherry please!

So what if I.... I had a piece (or two) of a Trader Joe Brown Sugar Bar this morning with my coffee. Too early for a Hot Toddy, so I used this as my comfort food. Mama has a head cold - ugg. 

E! needs a reality show about... mom's trying to get back into shape while working and/or going to school and raising kids all while trying to stay sane.

My go-to fast food meal is...  I don't have just one...McChicken sandwich with pickles and Coke or from Taco Hell, a tostada with sour cream and guac. But my favorite would be either an Arby's roast beef with 2 packs of horsey sauce -(enough to get the nose burning!) and a Coke with crushed ice - crushed ice is my fav!! Or it would be a Big John's Steak and Onion with Cheese and Mushrooms.

You might not know that I...  wish I could loose my inhibitions and dance and sing in public. No worries of me twerking like Miley! 

The hottest quarterback in the NFL is... Matt Leinart from the Houston Texan's. Confession, had to Google "hot NFL quarterback's" to find one. 

If I could... I 100% would! 

My personality is awesome because... I'm a pushover and sucker. Will bend over backwards for even my enemies - stupid girl. 

Twerking is.... something my husband wishes I would do when we are home alone!

I think it's super gross when... I see a certain lady pick her eye lashes or eye brows and eat the damn hair - gag - puke!

Someone needs to tell Miley Cyrus.... enjoy it while she can because one day it will be all gone. 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

So What Wednesday

So What Wednesday

Today I'm joining the link up on Shannon's blog, Life After I "Dew". Copy/paste the button above and link up to her site here

So what...

...if I'm using my front porch railings as a clothes line to dry the rugs, blankets and towels.

...that the book I needed to read for tomorrow's class is in my husband's car.

...if I ate the fruit snack & sour licorice samples that came in my Klutch Club box instead of giving them to my kiddos. 

...that I don't care who's included in the new cast for DWTS.

...that I am jumping up and down because we just got word our son will be in the newspaper for soccer!

...if I'm already nervous for the same son who has a cross country meet tonight. Hope he has a PR & places again. He is really coming into his own this year.

...that I am procrastinating my run and P90x workout by thinking of things to say "so what" about!

Think that's about it. Damn! Now to throw on my shoes & hit the road. Have a great day!