Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday's Multiple Hats

Here's to Monday! It's wearing lots of hats today. It's the first day of a new week. It's the last day of September. It is the day that you plan what goals you want to achieve in October. It's a day to be motivated and make little changes that make a BIG impact. Are you ready? Tip your hat to Monday and bring on an outrageous October!

Today I am typing out my "To Do List" for the day. Hopefully it will help me get things done because you'll make me accountable. Oh, and as I was typing this, the hubby came home. Oops! Caught me still in my pj's. He needed to grab some stuff for a job. I was busted! So now I need to kick it into gear and get the house sparkling so I wasn't just lounging with bonbons and coffee. Okay, so coffee yes, treats, no. Dang it! So here I go...

Here is my list with strikethrough to indicate a completed task:

Arrange rides for soccer training
Take kids sports passes to them for basketball game
Wash kids bedding - hang out to dry
Wash the towels - hang out to dry
Swap out the dishwasher
Email BondiBand (Just found their site. Their headbands & compression socks look amazing!)
Email Whooha
2 new Blog posts
Get down & put up Halloween decorations (Nope-ran out of time. Will do tomorrow Oct.1)
Run (Last run of September logged-3.22 miles in 24 mins. Ready for Color Me Rad 5k on Sat.)
Make snack for son before his Varsity soccer game
Take son to bus for soccer game
Pick kids up from cross country practice
Dinner (left over chicken & dumplings)
Take kids' to soccer training
Go to Varsity soccer game
Finish Creative Writing paper

I think that's about it for today. What are your tasks for today? Do you have plans set for October? What goals to you hope to accomplish? Have a happy Monday! Enjoy this beautiful last day of September!

Fact of Life: Only 3 months left in 2013 - wow!

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