Wednesday, September 4, 2013

So What Wednesday

So What Wednesday

Today I'm joining the link up on Shannon's blog, Life After I "Dew". Copy/paste the button above and link up to her site here

So what...

...if I'm using my front porch railings as a clothes line to dry the rugs, blankets and towels.

...that the book I needed to read for tomorrow's class is in my husband's car.

...if I ate the fruit snack & sour licorice samples that came in my Klutch Club box instead of giving them to my kiddos. 

...that I don't care who's included in the new cast for DWTS.

...that I am jumping up and down because we just got word our son will be in the newspaper for soccer!

...if I'm already nervous for the same son who has a cross country meet tonight. Hope he has a PR & places again. He is really coming into his own this year.

...that I am procrastinating my run and P90x workout by thinking of things to say "so what" about!

Think that's about it. Damn! Now to throw on my shoes & hit the road. Have a great day!

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