Thursday, October 31, 2013

Treats For My Kiddos & A Trick On Me!

What? You should see the look on their faces! I'm not that evil,
I DO give it back.

After being a good witch this morning and making my monsters some wicked pancakes, I sent them off to school. Please try not to laugh too hard. I am neither an artist nor a chef!!


Since the kids had a half day of school and I had a full day of school, I had to bust bootie after they got on the bus to get the pumpkin seeds toasted and their goodies set out as a surprise for when they got home.

Caramel cinnamon & Spicy

I'm having mixed emotions at the fact that my kids are old enough to not want to go get me themselves free candy or if they do go, they said they want to do on their own. "Mom, we are old enough to go with just our friends." I don't know whether to do the happy dance or cry in my coffee. Today I'm kind of leaning toward the happy dance because it's been raining ALL night, ALL day, and it's not expected to let up. Lovely! So to help fend off any sickness by scrounging for candy in the cold and rain, I bribed the kids. Yes I did! Instead of having to run around in the rain, be soaked, ruin their costumes, hair & makeup, this mama offered: Outback Steakhouse for dinner (kids eat free today w/adult entrĂ©e), stop at the store and they can each pick out 2 bags of candy (yeah, 1/2 off people!) and go to the movies to watch Bad Grandpa with Johnny Knoxville. Please let the idea be a winner, winner chicken dinner!!!!

NOPE! That idea didn't fly with the girls. They want to go with their niece and her friend. The boys said heck yeah but make it Applebee's and you've got a deal. Hmmm? Today is Thursday and Long Islands are 1/2 off. Okay boys, Applebee's and no movie. DEAL!

I'm sad my kids aren't so little any more and want to do their own thing now. But I guess that means we get to make new memories with our big kids! Right??????

And now that the kids get treats, let me tell you about our trick. Well, this summer we had some shingles fall off in a storm. Guess who didn't replace them? The couple who had water draining down one of their ceiling light fixtures at 1:00 AM. We used Easter buckets to contain it. But it had already started to seep through the insulation and drywall. Ugg!

So, did you get any tricks or treats this Halloween?
If you have older kids, how did you handle them wanting to go with just their friends or even not at all?

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

So What Wednesday

Life After I DewWelcome to another edition of So What Wednesday with Shannon from the Life After I "Dew" blog.

Today I say SO WHAT...

~ that I just gave in to all that sweet talk from Mel at 4 Kottez Runs and committed to run 100 miles in November as part of a Pile On The Miles Challenge hosted by Monica at Run Eat Repeat. I averaged it out (yes, with a calculator because math is my enemy!) and that means I need to run a minimum of 3.33 miles EACH day of November. Oh well, I committed & am saying, so what? I can do this - YIKES!

~ that the Jonas Brothers broke up. Seriously? I didn't know they were still together before they split!

~ that Oct. 30th is called Devil's Night or Mischief Night. Do you people think that by changing the name to Angel's Night will keep the punks, hoodlums & demon spawn from reeking havoc on our cities? It's called that because these devils cause problems. Yes we need to stop them, but changing the name isn't going to work people!

~  that I don't buy the fact that the video of the baby's emotional crying over her mom's singing is because she is so moved by the song. She looks scared! That's my guess. Shoot, if I sang to my kids, they'd cry like that also! Or maybe she needs a diaper change. You can judge for yourself here.

~  guilt got the better of me for not decorating for Halloween. So once the last little goblin was on the bus, I released my flying monkeys and am getting my spooky groove on.

~  if my hand hit the counter as I was spooning sugar into my coffee cup and the sugar dumped onto the floor.

~  that I took my foot and brushed the said sugar under the cupboard and will sweep it up later. I will - I PROMISE!!

~  if I think Rob Lowe gets hotter and hotter the older he gets. Oh hubba hubba! He's playing JFK in Killing Kennedy.

What are you saying "So What" to today?

Friday, October 25, 2013

Five on Friday

 photo db7528c5-a5c8-4eb0-9519-22997b018248_zps7d56832d.jpgCongratulations! You lady, have survived yet another week! That's something to be proud of. It seems the older we get, the more shit gets thrown at us and just making it to Friday in one sane piece is a cause for celebration. So what did you do this week or have planned for the weekend? Why not share it with a great group of ladies by linking up with Darci at The Good Life Blog and share five things that come to your pretty little mind? Copy the button above, paste it on your blog and post your fab five. Then head over to Darci's blog. Easy!

~ 1 ~ This lady and her mentoring are making a big difference in my life! If you are feeling like you need an arm around your shoulder, an ear to listen, a smile that's contagious or a kick in the ass, then you need to sign up for Pamela's November mentoring session. Please note: I do NOT get any kickback for promoting this program. Well, guess that's not all together true. I get to know I shared a great program and a supportive group, the Smokin Hot Mama Club and they are on Facebook. This deserves a whole post dedicated to the mentoring program, so I'll shut up now and make a new post. But you can check it out now by clicking the pic below.

Smokin' Hot Mama Club's photo.

~ 2 ~ The pic says it all: When it comes to health & fitness, It's Never too late, or too early, to set goals!!! ;)

~Maybe this is the year that you put yourself 1st?~

~ 3 ~      Last week my laptop crashed and I lost all the soccer, homecoming, summer fun pics. Damn virus! I was supposed to make videos for the soccer banquet but nope, pics all gone. I had to look at it as a blessing in disguise - didn't have to spend 20 hrs putting together videos. Dang, had some awesome action shots!

~ 4 ~ The beautiful view off my deck. I am so thankful to my grandparents for the opportunity to wake up to this each morning!

~ 5 ~   Here's to a great weekend -   Now entering my weekend.
DO NOT disturb me unless your request involves 
food, fun,
liquor or
laughter. All
other requests 
will be moved
to Monday.

What are your plans for the weekend? Halloween parties?
Live BIG this weekend!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

So What Wednesday!

Life After I Dew     SSSSOOOOOO  WHAT?!!!

You know what day it is? Hey, hey, what day is it? It's So what Wednesdays with Shannon of Life After I "Dew". Copy and paste the above button to your blog, post about things you say so what to, then head over to Shannon's blog and link up. A bonus to it, you can find some awesome ladies sharing things that they are saying, "so what" about.

Today I'm saying SO WHAT...

* that I totally just chickened out and didn't take a substitute teaching call. Couldn't. Had a frickin' panic attack! My heart was beating so hard I heard marching in my ears, my hands were sweating pools and I hung up on the automated system. Even typing it out scares the shit out of me. I thought I was ready, but just couldn't do it. Damn, it's money! But I feel so unprepared and under-qualified.

* that I didn't kill this spider on Monday while I was working out. My oldest son would do it for me when he saw it under his covers as he climbed into bed last night.  Look at that eye - spooky! hahahahahaha ROFLMAO! Still laughing about it.

*  that my arms are so sore from the Iron Bombshell arm workout Monday. It's a good sore - bombshell in progress. Wanna join? It's just you and your weights for 12 weeks. Come on, go bombshell with me! Click the pic to purchase. You won't regret it!

*  that my mom beat me in our Cadbury Creme Egg contest. We have a challenge to see who can find these sweet goo-filled delights first during Easter and Halloween. I won Easter but she won Halloween. It's okay, such a sweet way to loose!!!!


*  if I laughed so hard at this guy's pain that I had tears running down my cheeks and almost wet my pants! Does he really think they are going to "stop it?" I hope you enjoy this as much as I did!

Now what are you "So Whating" about today?

Friday, October 18, 2013

Five on Friday


Time to link up with Darci over at the Good Life Blog for another Five on Friday. It's super simple: copy and paste the button above onto your blog, then post about 5 things that are on your mind, happened this week or just random stuff. Then head over to Darci's blog and link up. Easy! Have fun and enjoy finding some great new blogs to read over the weekend.

ONE: Super awesome secret that I want to share! It's not supposed to be told until after this next Tuesday. But I'm just so excited and proud that I am sharing it with all of you...Last night all of us were sitting in the living room watching the Tigers play baseball and my oldest got a phone call. I heard him say, "okay, thanks Coach." Then he jumped up and fist pumped with a giant, "YES!!!" The smile on his face was as big as a rainbow. The news:


Holy crap! He has busted his ass all season and deserves it! Hard work paid off for him. I am so VERY, VERY PROUD!!!!!!

A little bit of the obstacles he had to deal with: season of 2-12, told by teammates to stop trying so hard because it's making them look bad, told by his coach not to try so hard because practice is just "team bonding". Was told the elite travel players need to "come down to the non-travel kids level". WTF? Seriously? NO WAY, not happening. We pay too much money to NOT play at an elite level. Needless to say, there have been lost of letters, parent/coach/AD meetings. Varsity used to be an honor to be a part of. It was best of the best. Not anymore at this school. Boys skip training and go to volleyball games. 

So for my son to have earned this honor is beyond priceless. Just goes to show that trying hard DOES matter!!!

TWO: If you could see me now, I'd be completely embarrassed! Still in my housecoat with hair in a pony and in need of a shower. Need to get off this computer and get to my workout, grocery shopping and clean myself up. Right now I'm just a .....
 Hot Mess Funny T-Shirt

THREE: Starting the Iron Bombshell workout today. Looking forward to lifting again and busting my bootie. Not to mention loosing the damn muffin top I gained back over the last year and dump the frump! Who wants to join me? TDF Iron Bombshell Muscle Builder is a "No Frills. Nothing Fancy. No Divas, Just you, your weights, your determination. This program is designed sleek, sexy, sculpted muscles. Are you ready to follow a structured weight lifting program? Tired of not knowing what to do with a set of dumbbells? Sick of feeling out of place at the gym?The next 12 weeks are going to challenge you as you progress each week to a heavier set of weight to continue developing the body of your dreams! Please follow a well developed meal plan for best results." It's cardio, plyo, free weights all wrapped up into reps and intervals that get you sweating and working your upper and lower body. Why not give it a try? It's only $39.99 for a 12 week session and you can do it at home or at the gym. Click this link and we'll do this together! Be a #TDFAbada$$

FOUR: Going to try this recipe out today. Maple Cinnamon Kale Chips. Yummy!!! 
  • 1 bunch fresh Kale, washed, dried, remove stem pieces & tear into small pieces
  • 1/2 teaspoon fine Sea Salt
  • 1 tablespoon melted unrefined Coconut Oil
  • 1 tablespoon pure Maple Syrup
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground Cinnamon
  • 1/2 teaspoon Pumpkin Pie Spice
  • Preheat oven to 300 F with the rack in the middle. Prepare a baking sheet with parchment or a Silpat liner. In a small bowl combine coconut oil, maple syrup, salt and spices.Toss kale pieces with this mixture. Lay kale out on the baking sheet in a single layer.
  • Bake for 10 minutes, flip with a pair of tongs and bake for another 10 minutes or until crispy. Your kale chips will crisp up more as they cool. If certain pieces are crispy before others you can remove those from the baking sheet so they do not burn. Continue to bake those that have not crisped up.
  • Notes
  • For crispy kale chips you must remove the tough stem pieces and use the leaves only. Be sure to lay kale out on the baking sheet in a single layer so it can crisp up and not get soggy and steamy.

FIVE: Mini weekend getaway tomorrow! Yes, it's for soccer games, but hey, I get to getaway, watch my son play soccer, hang out with friends and workout in the fitness room. Can't think of a better way to spend Sat/Sun. Wait, yes I can...the ocean!!!! A gal can dream right?!

That's all for my 5 on Friday. What's yours? 
Have a great weekend and don't forget to do something to #dumpthefrump!!!!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thirsty Thursday - YUCCA!!!






TGIThursday! That means I'm done with classes are done for the week & Applebee's has their Long Islands for 1/2 off. GRANDE size please! Bad thing is the hubs is working right now, so I'm stuck with heating up a cup of coffee. And, kids bust my plans again. My girls have soccer training tonight. Normally it wouldn't be a problem, but it is pouring out. My luck means it won't be cancelled. If it's not, I'm buying a PSL from Micky-D's. I've never had one, so if I have to sit in the cold rain and can't have a LI, this mama is buying a coffee.

Why am I talking about LI's and the yummy looking concoction above? No, not because I'm a lush. Well, nah, I'm not. It's because Alicia from Brew Mama, Kristin from Hopelessly Ever After and their friends are hosting a 
Hopelessly Ever After

The recipe I am sharing is for YUCCA - adult lemonade!

You need: Fifth of Vodka (I'm a cheap ass & buy the gross shit)  / 6 lemons   / 6 limes   / 2 cups sugar   / Ice

Quarter the lemons and limes and put in a container that you can shake. Pour in the vodka and sugar. Fill container rest of the way with ice. Put on lid and shake, shake, shake Senora! Let sit overnight but shake now and then. Add more ice as needed. This is potent so we use 5 oz. Dixie cups to serve.
Drink with caution - it will sneak up on you!

Now to join in the party: 
1. Follow the blogs below via GFC or Bloglovin'.
- Kristin @ Hopelessly Ever After
- Ida @ Second Chances Girl
- Lisa @ Butterflies and Hurricanes
- Brandi @ Realities of Brandi
- Alicia @ Brew Mama
- Brittany @ Wine, Cheese, and Workout Capris
- Britney @ Lady Luck
- Sevi @ Ware is the Vodka?!?
- Tia @ Gilded TBags

2. Grab a button above and put it in your post.

3. Write about your favorite alcoholic beverage.

4. Go back to Kristin's blog and link up!!!

5. Get some new recipes or drink ideas for the weekend and make a new friend!!
6. Send a tweet with #ThirstyThursday and include @leggs532 so they can see it!!

Happy recipe hunting!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Exciting News, So What Wednesday & Dump The Frump

Happy hump day! Gosh are you sick of that yet? I am beginning to think I'm over it already. But I can add that to my So What Wednesday list. Don't forget to join Shannon from Life After I Dew for her So What Wednesday link up.
Life After I Dew

Here are my So What...

...if I throw on a pink wig. I'm representing #dumpthefrump and #pinkwednesday.

...that I'm tired of the what day is it commercial and everyone spewing, hump day. It's old!

...that I drank a half pot of coffee because I am chilled and dreading going for a run in this wind and cold.

...if I just started to put up my Halloween decorations. I figure my kids having to look at me is scary enough, so why bother with decorations?

...if my cat's pissed at me because I won't let him outside. He cost me $800 last week. There's no way I'm letting his expensive ass outside to run away, get hit or ate by a coyote.

...if I'm a mom that's proud to be associated with a couple groups with interesting names: Smokin Hot Mama Club and Train Dirty Fitness. Add it to helping me dump the frump - ba bam!

...that I can't think of anything else to say so what about because I am in a great mood!

Now for my exciting news...

I got my email stating that I was approved to substitute teach - YEAH!!!!!! I get to start earning money again, and get my foot in the door for next year when I graduate with my teaching degree!

Another thing I am excited about is being accepted into the Train Dirty Fitness Ambassador program! My husband is thrilled just because of the name. It is a great group of ladies that promote fitness and health and are so friendly and supportive of each other. On Friday I am starting their Iron Bombshell 12 week program. If anyone wants to join me, let's do this together!
You can get information on the program here;  TDFBombshells-01

If you decide to do it with me, click here:  so I get credit as an affiliate. 

The program is only $39.99 for the 12 weeks. Why not sign up? We can train dirty together and add it to our Dump the Frump Challenge!

How are you doing on your Dump the Frump Challenge? What are you doing to make a little happiness in your life?

Monday, October 14, 2013

Dump The Frump Challenge

As I was shaving my legs, yes, most of my thinking happens in the shower, I wondered if others were feeling frumpy like I was? So I searched for an image to post on IG about it. Viola! Found it. A challenge! That's what we need ladies, a challenge. Not one that you have to buy products or sell your soul. Just a good ole word of mouth, motivational kick in the ass, self-help, accountability challenge. You don't have to workout to do this; although it might help boost your energy level which in turn will motivate you to dump a little more. Oh that sounds like a gross bathroom issue doesn't it? Sorry! But then again, it literally could have that effect depending on what you do. :)

Here's my challenge to you: do one thing each day from now until Thanksgiving that motivates you, makes you smile, puts you in a good mood, has a positive impact, helps you to DUMP THE FRUMP! Then post it somewhere to stay accountable and help others stay motivated. Use #dumpthefrump so others can find the challenge.

Let's dump the frump ladies and find some happiness again. On Thanksgiving Day we can be thankful and not grumpy because we're frumpy! I challenge you.... do you accept?

Dump The Frump

I'm in a frump all around. Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, even Facebook motivations have had little effect on me lately. I exercise a day or two, eat well, then slip back into the housecoat mom. Why is it so easy to put ourselves last? Why is it so easy to be comfortable in our yoga pants and scales going up? Is it because women just age and don't get distinguished like men as they get older? It has become easy to be complacent with just being okay. Even though I don't want to be okay. I want to be awesome, in great shape and make my family proud. Life is just passing me by lately with all the sports my kids do and my schooling. It has been a day to day frump. No one can make us happy but ourselves, I know that. It's truthful that exercising and eating right will help you feel and look better. It all has positive circle effect. Yet I've stayed weighted down, let life get mundane and boring. But NO MORE!

I just did something that I NEVER thought I would. Guess what I just bought? You might say, "oh please, that's so yesterday". But to me it's a big deal because I am ssssoooo not like this. Nor am I an adventurous type. Shh, let me whisper it. I just bought 50 Shades of Grey. Wait, if I'm changing things up, I guess I should shout it. I just bought 50 Shades of Grey! I did, and I'm nervous about it. Give me a mystery novel or funny self help book and it's all good. Romance and sex books are not my thing. Lately I've been feeling blah. Not sexy. Frumpy even. So today I decided to try to spice things up a bit. Needed a little Monday Motivation for the libido. This mama wants to be that healthy, strong and confident gal she was a couple years ago. I am a MILF (mom in love with fitness) and have lost track of it. It has been a hit and miss, touch and go couple years with maintaining my fitness. Too many days are wasted with making excuses for not working out. Not painting my nails, not taking time for me. It's been easy to get into the frump that so many aging moms get into.

Well I refuse to be a frumpy mom. Today is the start of a new week. I went all in. Drank my water, bought 50 Shades, popped my vitamins, laced up my running shoes, sent emails, turned all Wonder Woman around the house to spruce it up a bit, and am ready to get back to standing strong. Not to mention, we are Florida bound in 2 months. Good Heavens, I need to get my ass back into shape for the beach! Here's to dumping the mom frump, eating clean, training dirty and putting on some lip gloss. And maybe getting a little frisky :)

Have you read 50 Shades? What'd you think? Did it spice up your life? Any advice? What did you do today for motivation?

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Swirlgear Giveaway Winners Announced!

Yes, I said winnerS!

1st, 2nd and 3rd place!!!!

Congratulations to these three ladies:
#23 Brewmama - 1st place
#62 Danielle Louise - 2nd place 
#39 Ja Medina Lasala - 3rd place

This was my first time using Rafflecopter. And I have to tell you, I love it! It picks the winner for you so there is no room for favoritism. The first winner was chosen and I felt bad for everyone else who entered. So I hit the button two more times for a 2nd and 3rd place prize of Sweat Pink shoe laces and a packet of Shakeology.

Thank you to everyone who entered! Keep learning the facts of life, live BIG and stand and be strong! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, October 11, 2013

Five On Friday! What The Hell Version!

Holy halleluiah it's Friday! What a week! The chaos began Saturday and hasn't stopped yet. Damn, this sure wasn't what I expected adult life to be like. And yet it still surprise me each time it happens. In my best guy friends own words: "What the hell?!" So to tag along with the Five on Friday group, here are my five "What The Hell" moments from the week.
T-shirt I had made for his birthday.
He screams this each time the ref
makes a bad call during soccer.

One: Badge of Honor.
The family earned their Color Me Rad 5k badge on Saturday! And in normal Ellen luck, Shark Week hit Friday. So instead of worrying about freaking out from the color dust, I was freaking out that my tampon wouldn't last for the race. My family joked about it saying "Well it is the color run. Have them throw lots of color on your butt." That's my support system right there! Thanks Playtex for lasting!

Two: Sporting for the hell of it.
Since Saturday, I have sat through 8 soccer games, 2 cross country meets and traveled back and forth from their respective training sessions. But it's not over. Instead of Friday night family movie night, we are watching the U.S. Men's team whoop on Jamaica in the FIFA World Cup Qualifier. Then tomorrow morning all 4 kiddos have cross country meets and a soccer game. And to end the weekend, another soccer game and football on the tube. Reminder, do squats to combat bleacher butt! Go Teams!
Who says "white boys can't jump?"
That's my boy in the blue getting some air time!
My guy in the blue w/drk hair

Yes, these 2 spit fires are only 6th grade
and took 2nd & 3rd in the 7/8th grade race! They be mine!

My guy shooting. Way to lean back!
Head it next time.
These guys are from different schools but all play on the same soccer team.
 Friendly competition!

Three: Show me the money!
Or better yet, #givemesomemoney! We just had to drop $800 on our cat. Okay, so technically we didn't have to. We could've put him down and felt forever guilty and never heard the end of it from the kids. But no. We dumped the cash. *&^% Seriously? On a cat! Forget the fridge on the fritz, the dishwasher that's broke, the suspension system on the Denali that's squawking, the D.C. trip for our 8th grader, oh yeah and any food/gas/bills we need to take care of. Our fur ball has a blocked urethra which needed immediate surgery in the ER last night and hospitalization till tomorrow, and we couldn't justify putting him down. Oh, FML, meow!!!
Love our Cannon but dang he is one expensive stray!

Four: Come hell or high water.
I will make it through PMS with my daughters. They haven't hit Shark Week yet - thank Heaven! But the crazy hormones have kicked in and as John says, "What the hell?!" Yesterday before the cat drama, my daughter had a frickin meltdown because I didn't have dinner ready for them after cross country. Now mind you, it was only 4:00 pm. She actually said to me, "Mom, you know I'm always hungry after I exercise." She really didn't just talk to me like that did she? Told her grab some fruit. Dinner will be ready soon. That was the wrong thing to say. I was about ready to look up the 1-800 number for an Exorcist. She went ape shit on me. So what did my loving family do? We laughed our asses off! That stirred the crazy pot even more. She ran to her room and slammed the door. To keep my sanity and I decided to try a trick a friend of ours did. I took the door off its hinges! She was pissed! "That's my room!" I told her "Yep. And that's my door. You don't slam it!" Then made her sit on the couch and the rest of the kids fueled the flames by laughing. She threw herself to the ground and yelled "YOU ALL HATE ME!" Oh the drama! I laughed so hard I hit the ground in laughter. Well okay, honestly it was to keep from peeing my pants.


Five: It's FRIDAY!!!
I ran out of things to say. So without further adieu, BRING ON THE WEEKEND!

Have a great weekend and don't forget to sign up for the awesome Swirlgear giveaway. It ends on Sunday. Happy Friday!

If you have suggestions on how to deal with PMS in teen girls, please, pass it along to me! Or just send me some alcohol & earplugs. That would be great also. :)

Friday, October 4, 2013

Color Me Rad 5k Tomorrow

Tomorrow the Smith Party of 6 will head over to Michigan State University to compete, run, sweat, grumble & cuss, get doused with bright colors and have the time of our lives at the Color Me Rad 5k in Lansing.

Despite the excitement about tomorrow, I'm nervous! Why? I run 3 miles a lot. Maybe it's because my kids will kick my ass? Shoot, my oldest just did a 5k for CC with a time of 18:25. I'd literally collapse if I even tried to compete with that time. Or maybe it's because I'm worried I'll have a frickin panic attack with the dust flying around; I'm claustrophobic. The last color run dust surprised me and it took all I had to not loose it. Trying to decide if I should wear a bandana around my neck to pull over my nose when needed, or if that would only make the claustrophobia worse?

Photo: LANSING You'll be tasting #RAD by tomorrow morning!

Photo: LANSING 300-400 calories burned on Saturday morning means a guilt-free donut on Saturday afternoon right?

Here's our RAD gear for tomorrow. All 6 of us received free shirts, sunglasses and RAD tattoos. I bought water bottles for the boys', headbands for the girls' and for hubby, a pair of booty shorts for me to wear ;)
Our RAD gear for tomorrows 5k. Water bottles for the boys, headbands for us 3 girls, RAD tattoos/shirts/sunglasses for all 6 of us & booty shorts for me. Carbloading w/pasta tonight. Ready for our day of running & soccer! #bringiton #rad #colormerad #5k #msu #smithpartyof6 #fitfluential #fitspiration #sweatpink #swirlgear #girlsgonesporty #momgettingfit #livingsmartgirl

We did carb loading with pasta and are taking in our fluids. Tomorrow is going to come early, so I'm out for the night. Here's to family fun while working off calories, earning a PR and coming home looking like a rainbow! Then off to three soccer games - RAD!!!!
Any suggestions on how to handle breathing through the dust clouds without winding up in a straight jacket?

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Swirlgear and More Giveaway

I am excited to host my first giveaway and include amazing products for you! After all, it is the month for trick or treating, so why not get us adults in on some fun too? Here are some of the goodies you will score if you're the lucky winner.

Have you heard of Swirlgear? It is performance wear designed by a woman runner, for women runners, and I have the great honor of being an ambassador for the company. I personally own a cap sleeve shirt and hoodie and am in love with them. They are light weight but keep you warm. It is fitted but not so tight it hugs you in the wrong places. I especially love the thumb holes in the hoodie.  They also have a reflective logo on the back for those workouts when the lighting isn't go good outside. That would come in handy now that it get darker earlier. In addition to your chance to win one of their cap sleeve shirts, you can use the code: swirlon free shipping on any of your orders.

Along with winning a shirt from Swirlgear, you will also win a packet of Advocare Spark and Advocare Slam, 2 packets of Shakeology; Chocolate and Greenberry, a pair of Sweat Pink shoe laces and I'll even throw in some extra goodies!

Head on over to the Swirlgear product page and pick out which cap sleeve you would like is you win the giveaway! The giveaway ends Sunday night. Enter below for your chance to win these amazing prizes!!

Good luck everyone!

   Front  IMG_20131003_082810.jpg

a Rafflecopter giveaway