Friday, October 4, 2013

Color Me Rad 5k Tomorrow

Tomorrow the Smith Party of 6 will head over to Michigan State University to compete, run, sweat, grumble & cuss, get doused with bright colors and have the time of our lives at the Color Me Rad 5k in Lansing.

Despite the excitement about tomorrow, I'm nervous! Why? I run 3 miles a lot. Maybe it's because my kids will kick my ass? Shoot, my oldest just did a 5k for CC with a time of 18:25. I'd literally collapse if I even tried to compete with that time. Or maybe it's because I'm worried I'll have a frickin panic attack with the dust flying around; I'm claustrophobic. The last color run dust surprised me and it took all I had to not loose it. Trying to decide if I should wear a bandana around my neck to pull over my nose when needed, or if that would only make the claustrophobia worse?

Photo: LANSING You'll be tasting #RAD by tomorrow morning!

Photo: LANSING 300-400 calories burned on Saturday morning means a guilt-free donut on Saturday afternoon right?

Here's our RAD gear for tomorrow. All 6 of us received free shirts, sunglasses and RAD tattoos. I bought water bottles for the boys', headbands for the girls' and for hubby, a pair of booty shorts for me to wear ;)
Our RAD gear for tomorrows 5k. Water bottles for the boys, headbands for us 3 girls, RAD tattoos/shirts/sunglasses for all 6 of us & booty shorts for me. Carbloading w/pasta tonight. Ready for our day of running & soccer! #bringiton #rad #colormerad #5k #msu #smithpartyof6 #fitfluential #fitspiration #sweatpink #swirlgear #girlsgonesporty #momgettingfit #livingsmartgirl

We did carb loading with pasta and are taking in our fluids. Tomorrow is going to come early, so I'm out for the night. Here's to family fun while working off calories, earning a PR and coming home looking like a rainbow! Then off to three soccer games - RAD!!!!
Any suggestions on how to handle breathing through the dust clouds without winding up in a straight jacket?

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