Friday, October 11, 2013

Five On Friday! What The Hell Version!

Holy halleluiah it's Friday! What a week! The chaos began Saturday and hasn't stopped yet. Damn, this sure wasn't what I expected adult life to be like. And yet it still surprise me each time it happens. In my best guy friends own words: "What the hell?!" So to tag along with the Five on Friday group, here are my five "What The Hell" moments from the week.
T-shirt I had made for his birthday.
He screams this each time the ref
makes a bad call during soccer.

One: Badge of Honor.
The family earned their Color Me Rad 5k badge on Saturday! And in normal Ellen luck, Shark Week hit Friday. So instead of worrying about freaking out from the color dust, I was freaking out that my tampon wouldn't last for the race. My family joked about it saying "Well it is the color run. Have them throw lots of color on your butt." That's my support system right there! Thanks Playtex for lasting!

Two: Sporting for the hell of it.
Since Saturday, I have sat through 8 soccer games, 2 cross country meets and traveled back and forth from their respective training sessions. But it's not over. Instead of Friday night family movie night, we are watching the U.S. Men's team whoop on Jamaica in the FIFA World Cup Qualifier. Then tomorrow morning all 4 kiddos have cross country meets and a soccer game. And to end the weekend, another soccer game and football on the tube. Reminder, do squats to combat bleacher butt! Go Teams!
Who says "white boys can't jump?"
That's my boy in the blue getting some air time!
My guy in the blue w/drk hair

Yes, these 2 spit fires are only 6th grade
and took 2nd & 3rd in the 7/8th grade race! They be mine!

My guy shooting. Way to lean back!
Head it next time.
These guys are from different schools but all play on the same soccer team.
 Friendly competition!

Three: Show me the money!
Or better yet, #givemesomemoney! We just had to drop $800 on our cat. Okay, so technically we didn't have to. We could've put him down and felt forever guilty and never heard the end of it from the kids. But no. We dumped the cash. *&^% Seriously? On a cat! Forget the fridge on the fritz, the dishwasher that's broke, the suspension system on the Denali that's squawking, the D.C. trip for our 8th grader, oh yeah and any food/gas/bills we need to take care of. Our fur ball has a blocked urethra which needed immediate surgery in the ER last night and hospitalization till tomorrow, and we couldn't justify putting him down. Oh, FML, meow!!!
Love our Cannon but dang he is one expensive stray!

Four: Come hell or high water.
I will make it through PMS with my daughters. They haven't hit Shark Week yet - thank Heaven! But the crazy hormones have kicked in and as John says, "What the hell?!" Yesterday before the cat drama, my daughter had a frickin meltdown because I didn't have dinner ready for them after cross country. Now mind you, it was only 4:00 pm. She actually said to me, "Mom, you know I'm always hungry after I exercise." She really didn't just talk to me like that did she? Told her grab some fruit. Dinner will be ready soon. That was the wrong thing to say. I was about ready to look up the 1-800 number for an Exorcist. She went ape shit on me. So what did my loving family do? We laughed our asses off! That stirred the crazy pot even more. She ran to her room and slammed the door. To keep my sanity and I decided to try a trick a friend of ours did. I took the door off its hinges! She was pissed! "That's my room!" I told her "Yep. And that's my door. You don't slam it!" Then made her sit on the couch and the rest of the kids fueled the flames by laughing. She threw herself to the ground and yelled "YOU ALL HATE ME!" Oh the drama! I laughed so hard I hit the ground in laughter. Well okay, honestly it was to keep from peeing my pants.


Five: It's FRIDAY!!!
I ran out of things to say. So without further adieu, BRING ON THE WEEKEND!

Have a great weekend and don't forget to sign up for the awesome Swirlgear giveaway. It ends on Sunday. Happy Friday!

If you have suggestions on how to deal with PMS in teen girls, please, pass it along to me! Or just send me some alcohol & earplugs. That would be great also. :)


  1. WOW!!! Your week sounded like mine. Don't you just love the teen/preteen attitude? Yea me either! When are we going to meet up for a well deserved drink???

    1. Alicia I would love it! These kids are killing me with their attitudes. Growing pains for us. Guess that's why we drink!


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