Wednesday, October 23, 2013

So What Wednesday!

Life After I Dew     SSSSOOOOOO  WHAT?!!!

You know what day it is? Hey, hey, what day is it? It's So what Wednesdays with Shannon of Life After I "Dew". Copy and paste the above button to your blog, post about things you say so what to, then head over to Shannon's blog and link up. A bonus to it, you can find some awesome ladies sharing things that they are saying, "so what" about.

Today I'm saying SO WHAT...

* that I totally just chickened out and didn't take a substitute teaching call. Couldn't. Had a frickin' panic attack! My heart was beating so hard I heard marching in my ears, my hands were sweating pools and I hung up on the automated system. Even typing it out scares the shit out of me. I thought I was ready, but just couldn't do it. Damn, it's money! But I feel so unprepared and under-qualified.

* that I didn't kill this spider on Monday while I was working out. My oldest son would do it for me when he saw it under his covers as he climbed into bed last night.  Look at that eye - spooky! hahahahahaha ROFLMAO! Still laughing about it.

*  that my arms are so sore from the Iron Bombshell arm workout Monday. It's a good sore - bombshell in progress. Wanna join? It's just you and your weights for 12 weeks. Come on, go bombshell with me! Click the pic to purchase. You won't regret it!

*  that my mom beat me in our Cadbury Creme Egg contest. We have a challenge to see who can find these sweet goo-filled delights first during Easter and Halloween. I won Easter but she won Halloween. It's okay, such a sweet way to loose!!!!


*  if I laughed so hard at this guy's pain that I had tears running down my cheeks and almost wet my pants! Does he really think they are going to "stop it?" I hope you enjoy this as much as I did!

Now what are you "So Whating" about today?


  1. Oh my god!!!!! That video just scares me I could never go!

    1. I would've been just as scared also. But it's a guy and that made it funny!

  2. Ok....Thats how I act at haunted houses...and that's why I don't go.. But this was hilarious..I'm crying I'm laughing so hard.. Thanks for sharing..


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