Thursday, October 31, 2013

Treats For My Kiddos & A Trick On Me!

What? You should see the look on their faces! I'm not that evil,
I DO give it back.

After being a good witch this morning and making my monsters some wicked pancakes, I sent them off to school. Please try not to laugh too hard. I am neither an artist nor a chef!!


Since the kids had a half day of school and I had a full day of school, I had to bust bootie after they got on the bus to get the pumpkin seeds toasted and their goodies set out as a surprise for when they got home.

Caramel cinnamon & Spicy

I'm having mixed emotions at the fact that my kids are old enough to not want to go get me themselves free candy or if they do go, they said they want to do on their own. "Mom, we are old enough to go with just our friends." I don't know whether to do the happy dance or cry in my coffee. Today I'm kind of leaning toward the happy dance because it's been raining ALL night, ALL day, and it's not expected to let up. Lovely! So to help fend off any sickness by scrounging for candy in the cold and rain, I bribed the kids. Yes I did! Instead of having to run around in the rain, be soaked, ruin their costumes, hair & makeup, this mama offered: Outback Steakhouse for dinner (kids eat free today w/adult entrĂ©e), stop at the store and they can each pick out 2 bags of candy (yeah, 1/2 off people!) and go to the movies to watch Bad Grandpa with Johnny Knoxville. Please let the idea be a winner, winner chicken dinner!!!!

NOPE! That idea didn't fly with the girls. They want to go with their niece and her friend. The boys said heck yeah but make it Applebee's and you've got a deal. Hmmm? Today is Thursday and Long Islands are 1/2 off. Okay boys, Applebee's and no movie. DEAL!

I'm sad my kids aren't so little any more and want to do their own thing now. But I guess that means we get to make new memories with our big kids! Right??????

And now that the kids get treats, let me tell you about our trick. Well, this summer we had some shingles fall off in a storm. Guess who didn't replace them? The couple who had water draining down one of their ceiling light fixtures at 1:00 AM. We used Easter buckets to contain it. But it had already started to seep through the insulation and drywall. Ugg!

So, did you get any tricks or treats this Halloween?
If you have older kids, how did you handle them wanting to go with just their friends or even not at all?

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