Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Biggest Bar Night Of The Year - So What?!

Do you know what day it is? Yah, it's hump day. Yeah, it's the day we go crazy in preparation for the food overload tomorrow. But, it's also... the biggest bar night of the year. Oh yes ma'am it is. Did you just frown and think, no it's not? Yes, really it is. The reason being? The reason being Alec is awesome is because it is! (Hacked by my oldest!)

The real reason is that the college kids are back in town meeting up with all their friends. And if you're a really lucky adult, you get to meet up at the bar with some of your friends from back in the day that are in town visiting family for turkey day.

I mean seriously, how awesome does that sound? Come into town, meet up at the bar with friends, drink all night, sleep in Thursday, pop some Tylenol, stuff yourself like that tryptophan laced bird, fall asleep watching football. Who wouldn't want to do that?

Or if you're like me, you just blog about it and link up with Shannon from the Life After I "Dew" and say, SO WHAT!!!!
Life After I Dew
So What...

~ * ~
  if my oldest hacked my blog. It was pretty funny! He loves me, he really loves his mama!
~ * ~  that my other son is being a total D.B. and worse then two females PMSing. The attitude this boy is throwing out is driving me insane! Suggestions on dealing are WELCOMED, PLEASE!
~ * ~  if I'm not one of the lucky ones to hit the bar. I may sip on some Rum Chata as I make 2 Rum Chata Pumpkin Pies!
 ~ * ~  that Thanksgiving will just be the six of us with my parents. Yes! No listening to... oh never mind, I will just be thankful I don't have to bite my tongue, grin and bare it.
~ * ~  that I have heart burn for the first time in ages this morning. It must be from the coffee. See I haven't had any since Saturday. I tried a 3 day Detox that said if you have coffee, make it black. Nope, went cold turkey and stuck with green tea. Now my body's saying WTH?
 ~ * ~  that I our Elves On The Shelf will be making their trip back home tonight to spend Thanksgiving with their families. Yes, ours stay year round because this mama can't handle writing a goodbye letter from them. However, their "magic" is gone after Christmas. They just hang out on the shelf.
~ * ~ if a 5th Elf is joining us this year. We started about 6 years ago with the vintage elves because I was too cheap to buy it online since it wasn't popular in the stores yet. So I used the vintage elf that was my Grandmother's. Well I happened to find another one at an antique store as I was shopping for nesting hens for my fall swap with Holly at Where We Can Live Like Jack and Sally, and I just couldn't leave without that little guy!
That's my SO WHAT's for today.
What are yours?
Are you going out on this biggest bar night of the year?

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

So What Wednesday...

Life After I Dew Another Wednesday to throw your cares to the wind and say, So What! What are you feeling okay with? Type them out and link up with Shannon from the Life After I "Dew"?

Today I say So What...

~ * ~ that my kitchen is trashed because I've been making chili, peanut butter cookies and no bake cookies for hunting weekend.

~ * ~ if my son called me a Geeky old lady because hates my hair cut and even more today because I am wearing my glasses. Need to get me the Geek sweater from Kiki La'Rue!!!

~ * ~ if Christmas music was playing while making cookies!

~ * ~ that the scales aren't going down, my jeans are feeling a little bigger.

~ * ~  if I told my daughter to tell her crush that he's a jerk. Great kid, but acted like a jerk to her. Stand and be strong little lady!

~ * ~ if we are letting our girls' switch soccer teams mid season when we've told our kids you finish things through. Justifying it as the fall season is over.

~ * ~ that I'm thrilled tomorrow we go hunting! Love venison heart & liver!
Have you let your child switch teams mid season?
Do you hunt?

My Hero!

Veteran's Day Celebration

As I was looking on the school's website today for email addresses to let the teachers know of my son's absence for Friday because of hunting, I found this picture of my dad and son. I had no clue it was taken or that it would be on the website. I started to cry!

You see, the handsome man in the suit is my hero and my dad! My kids' had the honor of introducing their Grandpa as a Vietnam Vet at the Veteran's Day Celebration at their school yesterday. It was a special moment for all of them because he should not have been here to participate.

Not only did this man survive a war, on July 9, 2012 he survived two ruptured brain aneurysms which led to his first brain surgery, another ruptured aneurysm and a second brain surgery - all within a week. Dad is a walking miracle. He was not supposed to survive the first rupture, let alone the other two and the surgeries. The doctor told us he probably wouldn't make it. Then it was he would be a paralyzed stroke victim (he had multiple strokes during surgery). Then it was, "Holy shit, he's a miracle and we've never seen anything like this. He will be in the history books."

That's my dad! That's my hero. Not just a veteran, but a walking, talking miracle.

Want to know what the doctor's say was the reason he survived? He was in good health! If he wouldn't have been as active as he was, he would not have had the strength to pull through.

His favorite quote now is: "I had brain surgery and almost died...what's your excuse?" I love it! Although there are days that you can tell he isn't quite himself, he is here, active and a witness to how living an active lifestyle can be a lifesaver.

So what's your excuse?

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Test Tuesday & A Secret Revealed

            Happy 11-12-13
Thanks for stopping by to read my ramblings as my way of divertion to avoid studying for a history exam today. Why is it that I had all weekend to study and I wait until yesterday to start? I mean, gesh, it's not like I have to get a B in the class in order to apply to the school of ed this winter, and this is my second go around because I got a B- last time. Maybe that is why procrastination kicked in? Because I'm afraid to fail again? I know it's a warped sense of justification. Hey, if I don't try, I won't fail right? When in all reality, the result would be a fail because I didn't try. Slap an I-D-10-T tag on me and shove me out the door.

Is it bad that I'm thinking, just get through this exam and then the week will be smooth sailing? Once the exam is over, I have my creative writing class (which is fun, but not sure it's helping me) then it's home to catch up on my workout, running (I'm sure Mel is kicking my ass with her miles logged - you go girl!) and getting stuff ready for hunting.

Yes, I am a hunter, or loose definition of one. Thursday the hubs, our middle son and me are heading to the cabin for opening weekend of gun season and my parents will be here with the other 3 kiddos. Last year our oldest went and he sat with me. We missed an 8pt because he went to shoot across me and I freaked thinking the gun would explode in my face. Sorry Alec!! He said he's not going this year because he doesn't want to sit in the cold. While I'm going to miss spending time with him, truth be told...

I'm super excited I'll have the blind to myself! Heaven!! No sharing snacks. No sharing soda. I can read or sleep if I want. If I get the buck fever and can't pull the trigger, no one will know but me. I can even fart if I want to because no one will be around. Yes, I said that. I can let er rip, loud and proud because the only witnesses will be the birds and squirrels, and they won't snitch. Ode to Miley, "it's my blind I can fart if I want to!" Oh please, like you don't. Yeah me neither. No seriously, I would die before farting around people, even my own kids. See I was brought up that it's not lady like. I even hate when the people in my house know I'm in the bathroom pooping. Yes, I know, I have issues!

But seriously? I have the hunting blind to myself, ah-ha, oh yeah, doing the happy dance!! Alright, guess I better get off this damn computer and study. Have a great day everyone!

Spill it, can you let one fly around people
or do you hold it in and risk the gut ache?

Friday, November 8, 2013

Happy Friday! Get Your Laugh On!

 photo db7528c5-a5c8-4eb0-9519-22997b018248_zps7d56832d.jpgWake up, wake up! It's Friday Peeps! Something you may not know about me is that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to pull pranks on people. So today as I join Darci and the girls for their 5 on Friday link up, I'm posting a couple laughs that I just pulled over the last week. Hope you enjoy and link up.

~ 1 ~ Last weekend we went to Dublin, OH for a soccer tournament. The U14 boys and girls team stayed in the same hotel, as did their coach. While hubs was drinking with occupied the coach, this mama took both teams to decorate Coach Norms car! He took pics & asked me to put it on the #waza website. He LOVED it!! The kids thought it was the best! This was #biglifeliving and a moment the kids will remember forever!
 While hubs occupied our coach, this mama took his girls & boys team out to the hotel parking lot & decorated his car! He took pics & asked me to put it on the #waza website. He LOVED it!! The kids thought it was the best! This was #biglifeliving

~ 2 ~  Had a house full last night! Love these moments!
 Had a housefull last night! Love these moments!

~ 3 ~ My daughter dressed as a zombie for Halloween and sat frozen on a porch swing to scare people. That's my girl!!

~ 4 ~ Did a Fall swap with a special lady who collects nesting hens. I found these little beauties at an antique store and picked them up for her. I stalked her IG to check and didn't see these colors, so my fingers are crossed.

Surprise! Found a couple special gifts and couldn't resist!

~ 5 ~ This is what happens when mom and her girls' wake up before the others! #suckcam!  

What's the best prank you've played on someone?
Or what's the best prank played on you?
Have a great weekend. Take some time to laugh!!!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

It's Here...Holiday Flavors!

Tis the season!
Order yours today!!!

No Excuses...No Nonsense November

Okay ladies, here is part of the plan I am participating in with my mentoring group. Besides doing the Pile On The Miles and Iron Bombshell Muscle Builder, I'm logging the exercises below. Who's with me?

No excuses... No nonsense... November

So What Wednesday

Life After I DewWelcome to half way through the week. I don't know about you, but I don't count the day it is in a count down. For example, there are only 2 days left till the weekend. Some people would count today and have 3. You can say it's looking at the bright side that there's only 2 days left right?! Either way, so what! What else are you saying "So What" to with Shannon from the Life After I "Dew"?

Today I say So What...

~ * ~ that we didn't get all three movies watched last night because as soon as B got home the phone started blowing up with "official" soccer business. We did get to watch Grown Ups 2. It was funnier this time around then at the theater.

~ * ~ if I didn't go to a fancy salon to get my hair cut and colored. I had enough of feeling frumpy, so on my way out of Walmart - YES, WALMART, I asked the girl to help this ole fuddy duddy. She chopped it for me and I colored it when I got home. $18 with tip is better then $70 - bam!

~ * ~ my kids don't like my new do. Actually they hate it. They said I look old and even went so far as to say I look like my monster-in-law (that's my choice of wording). WTF? Oh hexs NO!

 ~ * ~ that I have to make my 3rd trip to Walmart this week because people in this house don't tell me when we are out of stuff; ie, toothpaste, flushable wipes, bleach & sugar. I need a giant board for people to write on when we are out of stuff.

~ * ~ that I have to sit my butt at soccer training from 6:30-9:30 tonight because the girls are 6:30-8:00 & boys are 8:00-9:30. It's a 25 min drive there so pointless to go back and forth. Will take my new Family Circle mag and read it.

~ * ~ that my son dawdled and now I have to take him to school. Jan. 29th won't come soon enough when he can drive himself to school.

~ * ~ that as I'm running up and down the stairs to get said son a belt, then his shoes, then his backpack, I said "fuckin A." in a huff.

~ * ~ my daughter just pointed out to me that I say the full bad word and shorten the not so bad word. Okay, so I never noticed that. F'n A, she's right!
How do you count the days; include current day or skip forward to tomorrow as first day?

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

This & That

This or That Link Up

Quick and fun little link up with Jodi @ Love and Crayons, Kristine @ Living Barefoot and Crazy and Katie @ Big Apple Girl, Windy City Guy, and an Oklahoma Pooch before I begin to make homemade apple crisp and have a family movie night.

1. A night without the kids, or A night with well behaved kids?
Although tonight we are doing the family thing, I would be up for a night without my wonderfully crazy kids! Mama needs a little break to be not mom!

2. Full on tantrum in the grocery store, or Full on tantrum in the movie theater?
Grocery store all the way! Either one would be totally embarrassing, but at least the store is less distruptive. I would die if my kids had a meltdown now at their ages.

3. Runny nose or Runny bum?
Either because I don't have to clean either! The kids are old enough to take care of themselves in that department. 
4. Self done haircut, or Self done Sharpie tattoo?
Let's see? Mutilated hair or something that wipes off with rubbing alcohol? Tattoo all the way. Have to say that all my kids have done both and we all survived.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Five for Friday November 1st!!!

 photo db7528c5-a5c8-4eb0-9519-22997b018248_zps7d56832d.jpgIf you're reading this, let me say congratulations on surviving another year of ghosts and ghouls and the overload of sugar highs. You did it my friend! Well done! Now on to November. A time to be thankful. A time to be grateful. What are you thankful for? Let's join Darci and the girls for their 5 on Friday link up, and share 5 things we are thankful for. Ready? Grab a piece of candy from your kids secret stash, and let's link up!

~ 1 ~   

~ 2 ~  What the boys, B and I did while the girls went trick or treating. Boys got Slurpees & won 1st try at the crane game. Got the movie Insidious. Stupid, not scary! Also, my son left this little pumpkin on the doorstep of the tall girl in orange's house.
    She said "YES!

~ 3 ~  Surprise motivation from B. Va-va-voom!
Ignore how I have it hung. There was no way I was going to model it yet. I would look like this:
click pic to get full effect

~ 4 ~  In order to get into that dress by Christmas/New Year's, I am doing the Iron Bombshell workout, thrown in with the Smokin Hot Mama Club's No Nonsense November daily's and also committed to 100 miles in November with Monica from Run, Eat, Repeat and her Pile On The Miles Challenge. That means 3.333 miles each day. Crap! So if I miss a day, I have to add more the next run. Geesh! Thanks Mel! Now off to run, *&^%

~ 5 ~  Today begins
I am thankful for you, my readers. Yah I know, sappy. But honestly, I really am! You keep me accountable, inspired and grateful. So THANK YOU!!!!

What are you thankful for?
Tell me, did you snitch any of your kids candy?????