Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My Hero!

Veteran's Day Celebration

As I was looking on the school's website today for email addresses to let the teachers know of my son's absence for Friday because of hunting, I found this picture of my dad and son. I had no clue it was taken or that it would be on the website. I started to cry!

You see, the handsome man in the suit is my hero and my dad! My kids' had the honor of introducing their Grandpa as a Vietnam Vet at the Veteran's Day Celebration at their school yesterday. It was a special moment for all of them because he should not have been here to participate.

Not only did this man survive a war, on July 9, 2012 he survived two ruptured brain aneurysms which led to his first brain surgery, another ruptured aneurysm and a second brain surgery - all within a week. Dad is a walking miracle. He was not supposed to survive the first rupture, let alone the other two and the surgeries. The doctor told us he probably wouldn't make it. Then it was he would be a paralyzed stroke victim (he had multiple strokes during surgery). Then it was, "Holy shit, he's a miracle and we've never seen anything like this. He will be in the history books."

That's my dad! That's my hero. Not just a veteran, but a walking, talking miracle.

Want to know what the doctor's say was the reason he survived? He was in good health! If he wouldn't have been as active as he was, he would not have had the strength to pull through.

His favorite quote now is: "I had brain surgery and almost died...what's your excuse?" I love it! Although there are days that you can tell he isn't quite himself, he is here, active and a witness to how living an active lifestyle can be a lifesaver.

So what's your excuse?


  1. What an awesome surprise to find!!
    and wow, if your dad's story doesn't make it sink in, then nothing can!

    I lost a dear friend three years ago to a rare heart cancer and was originally given a year to live as the few other cases had, but because of his amazing health regimen and lifestyle (avid soccer player even into chemo treatment) he is now considered the longest patient who endured it for 7 long years. His doctors all remarked that it was in part due to his active and healthy lifestyle.

  2. What an awesome story! Thanks for sharing it. I will remember that next time I am feeling down or struggling in a race.


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