Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Test Tuesday & A Secret Revealed

            Happy 11-12-13
Thanks for stopping by to read my ramblings as my way of divertion to avoid studying for a history exam today. Why is it that I had all weekend to study and I wait until yesterday to start? I mean, gesh, it's not like I have to get a B in the class in order to apply to the school of ed this winter, and this is my second go around because I got a B- last time. Maybe that is why procrastination kicked in? Because I'm afraid to fail again? I know it's a warped sense of justification. Hey, if I don't try, I won't fail right? When in all reality, the result would be a fail because I didn't try. Slap an I-D-10-T tag on me and shove me out the door.

Is it bad that I'm thinking, just get through this exam and then the week will be smooth sailing? Once the exam is over, I have my creative writing class (which is fun, but not sure it's helping me) then it's home to catch up on my workout, running (I'm sure Mel is kicking my ass with her miles logged - you go girl!) and getting stuff ready for hunting.

Yes, I am a hunter, or loose definition of one. Thursday the hubs, our middle son and me are heading to the cabin for opening weekend of gun season and my parents will be here with the other 3 kiddos. Last year our oldest went and he sat with me. We missed an 8pt because he went to shoot across me and I freaked thinking the gun would explode in my face. Sorry Alec!! He said he's not going this year because he doesn't want to sit in the cold. While I'm going to miss spending time with him, truth be told...

I'm super excited I'll have the blind to myself! Heaven!! No sharing snacks. No sharing soda. I can read or sleep if I want. If I get the buck fever and can't pull the trigger, no one will know but me. I can even fart if I want to because no one will be around. Yes, I said that. I can let er rip, loud and proud because the only witnesses will be the birds and squirrels, and they won't snitch. Ode to Miley, "it's my blind I can fart if I want to!" Oh please, like you don't. Yeah me neither. No seriously, I would die before farting around people, even my own kids. See I was brought up that it's not lady like. I even hate when the people in my house know I'm in the bathroom pooping. Yes, I know, I have issues!

But seriously? I have the hunting blind to myself, ah-ha, oh yeah, doing the happy dance!! Alright, guess I better get off this damn computer and study. Have a great day everyone!

Spill it, can you let one fly around people
or do you hold it in and risk the gut ache?

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