Tuesday, November 5, 2013

This & That

This or That Link Up

Quick and fun little link up with Jodi @ Love and Crayons, Kristine @ Living Barefoot and Crazy and Katie @ Big Apple Girl, Windy City Guy, and an Oklahoma Pooch before I begin to make homemade apple crisp and have a family movie night.

1. A night without the kids, or A night with well behaved kids?
Although tonight we are doing the family thing, I would be up for a night without my wonderfully crazy kids! Mama needs a little break to be not mom!

2. Full on tantrum in the grocery store, or Full on tantrum in the movie theater?
Grocery store all the way! Either one would be totally embarrassing, but at least the store is less distruptive. I would die if my kids had a meltdown now at their ages.

3. Runny nose or Runny bum?
Either because I don't have to clean either! The kids are old enough to take care of themselves in that department. 
4. Self done haircut, or Self done Sharpie tattoo?
Let's see? Mutilated hair or something that wipes off with rubbing alcohol? Tattoo all the way. Have to say that all my kids have done both and we all survived.


  1. I'm loving your hair. Have fun on family movie night!

    1. Thanks lady! It's okay. Today wasn't a good hair day. Hate not being able to put it up as easily. But it will be ok. Needed a change!

  2. You're welcome. Thanks for hosting it!

  3. Yumm, Apple crisp! Now I want so e! I hope you guys enjoyed your family night! I love your answers, especially to the runny nose and bum one! Haha! Must be nice to not have to clean up after them!
    Thanks for linking up, it was so fun!


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