Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Happy Pink Wednesday!


In honor of Pink Wednesday, I am up and at 'em to wake up my blog. Since I need to write everyday for my EDS methods writing course, I decided, what a great way to get my writing in and revamp my blog! "Kill 2 birds with 1 stone" right?! I was going to get my fitness blog going, but I am too attached to this one. My life is my kids and the crazy, beautiful world we are surviving, thriving and learning from everyday. So I will just incorporate my fitness into this world just as it is in real life.

Do you know what today is? Yah, sure, hump day. But it's more then that. Today is #PinkWednesday. What is it, you ask? Only one of the best programs that I am honored to be a part of!!!  Train Dirty Fitness started #PinkWednesday as "one day a week where we take a stand to prove to society that YES there are those who believe that everyone is #goodenough no matter where they came from, their age, size, weight, race, financial status- NOTHING prevents any person from playing the #PW game with us!! This has become a huge phenomenon and all people are encouraged and allowed to participate!" So why not give it a try? Today is a great day to start. Join us in sharing that everyone is #goodenough either wear pink, post pink or share a quote. Or be really ambitious and do all three! But don't forget to hash tag pinkwednesday on whatever social media platform you use and share the love and support!

Now off to rush around the house to finish laundry, dishes and organize my closet before it's time to be a student, then proud soccer mom! And remember, YOU are beautiful and strong!

Monday, January 13, 2014

No More Games! Commitment, Accountability, Integrity!

So I'm posting a little ass backwards here. Below is my "before" pic and my "current" pic. I can't believe I'm putting it up here. But, it's time to step out of my comfort zone. It's time to change!

If I want to get that mentally and physi...cally strong, confident girl back, then it's time to put it out there for the accountability.

Saying and doing as we know are two different things. I keep saying I'm going to workout, going to start. Do I? Yes. No. The treadmill will kick my butt for a day, but then I get "too busy" (aka lazy butt) and my chunky gut keeps growing.

I'm not going to hide behind the computer anymore. No more games. No more excuses. It's time to represent my Stand and Be Strong Fitness!

Here's proof of what a difference two years makes. Yes, totally ass backwards right? The first picture was me Dec. 2011 (102lbs) The next picture is me THIS Dec (118lbs). It is so disappointing to see how I let all those 2x/day workouts go to waste. What's even more frustrating is that it hurts the most mentally. I let myself down!

I KNOW what I need to do. I KNOW I can do it. But, I DON'T do it. Not anymore. The fit girl won't come back without good old fashion hard work and sweat!

So here it before current picture. It's Monday! What better time to start? New week, new opportunities, new memories to make, NEW ME!

Want to do this with me? I am going to be connecting on MyFitnessPal and work out with the Iron Bombshell Muscle Building Program as well as starting training for a half marathon.

There - I said it! Commitment, accountability, integrity! Standing by my word. Here we go...can't wait to have a new "current" pic!

Who's with me?

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Want To Be A Bombshell? 12 Week Challenge Starting Monday!!!

You've seen the Planet Fitness commercial about "Lunks" and "So Hot" right? Is that your impression of the gym scene so you stay away despite really wanting to work out with weights? If so, you're not alone! I don't want to be scrutinized so I stay away from the gym. But I LOVE to lift weights. So I went in search of a program to build muscle and strength while teaching me how to use dumb bells so I wouldn't feel like a dunce if I ever braved the gym. After some looking, I found the perfect program for me: Iron Bombshell Muscle Builder.
This program is designed to give you sleek, sexy, sculpted muscles in just 12 weeks as you're challenged to a heavier set of weights throughout the rotating 4 weeks. This plan was developed by Crystal Honeycutt of Train Dirty Fitness. Crystal has set up a no frills, no lunks, no divas, no judgment program for those who want to work hard, earn their body, and look good naked! 
As with all exercise programs, you need to follow a well developed meal plan for best results. You can't expect to be a bombshell in the gym and eat garbage in the kitchen. Remember, you are "training dirty", no frills, no excuses, "eat clean, train dirty". Not sure what to eat with your IB workout? You can follow this clean eating meal plan to maximize your results; The Hot Mom Bod. Yes, I bought this e-book and will be following it myself. Leslie calculated every single calorie
as well as calculated the protein-carb-fat ratios, all of the shopping lists, menus, recipes, and super easy to follow directions for a full 30 days! It can't get much easier. This is not required, just an option.
Want to start today? Perfect! Just click the link below and you can purchase today, receive your e-program today and start today. Or purchase today, look over the plan and start with me on Monday. 
And since everyone likes free gifts, you will receive 4 Bombshell Bootcamp Workouts as a FREE bonus with your purchase. PLUS, I will mail you another 2 free gifts upon confirmation of your purchase! I will also be happy to be your accountability partner and send you motivational emails, texts, FB reminders or even phone calls.

What do you have to loose? Let's do this 12 weeks together and find our inner bombshell!!

 The HotMomBod
   photo-30 photo-29 molly12weeks