Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Happy Pink Wednesday!


In honor of Pink Wednesday, I am up and at 'em to wake up my blog. Since I need to write everyday for my EDS methods writing course, I decided, what a great way to get my writing in and revamp my blog! "Kill 2 birds with 1 stone" right?! I was going to get my fitness blog going, but I am too attached to this one. My life is my kids and the crazy, beautiful world we are surviving, thriving and learning from everyday. So I will just incorporate my fitness into this world just as it is in real life.

Do you know what today is? Yah, sure, hump day. But it's more then that. Today is #PinkWednesday. What is it, you ask? Only one of the best programs that I am honored to be a part of!!!  Train Dirty Fitness started #PinkWednesday as "one day a week where we take a stand to prove to society that YES there are those who believe that everyone is #goodenough no matter where they came from, their age, size, weight, race, financial status- NOTHING prevents any person from playing the #PW game with us!! This has become a huge phenomenon and all people are encouraged and allowed to participate!" So why not give it a try? Today is a great day to start. Join us in sharing that everyone is #goodenough either wear pink, post pink or share a quote. Or be really ambitious and do all three! But don't forget to hash tag pinkwednesday on whatever social media platform you use and share the love and support!

Now off to rush around the house to finish laundry, dishes and organize my closet before it's time to be a student, then proud soccer mom! And remember, YOU are beautiful and strong!

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