Friday, February 13, 2015

I Can See the Finish Line

I haven't been posting in what seems like ions. Life has been a crazy yet beautiful whirlwind of 18 credits of college course along with 104 inter hours of classroom observations, being a mom of 4 kiddos who are involved in travel and school sports, and now, a course in Russian History and student teaching. Whew, that tired me out just typing it! But, I am making it. And by that I mean that despite what seems to be days that are jammed with so many activities I hardly have time to pee, I am surviving. But not just surviving, I am thriving. This is such a fun and rewarding experience. There has not been a day of interning or student teaching that I dreaded having to go in to teach. Sure, I dread the 5:30 AM alarm, but I have loved each and every moment with my classes. I can't believe that in just a couple months, well okay, I am counting... In just 10 weeks, I will have finished my BA degree requirements and on May 3rd, I will receive my diploma. Holy wow! I can see the finish line!!

I am hoping that by the time I walk across that stage, I have been able to drop some of the (ugg- 25 pounds) that crept up on me during these last 3 years of school. Talk about the "freshmen 15". Yeah, apparently my arse didn't get the memo that it was only supposed to 15, not 25. But, student teaching has helped me drop 5 lbs so far. Guess that's what being on my feet for 9 hrs without snacking does for ya. Fair trade. I'll take it. Just wish that the cravings wouldn't hit once I got home!!!

Anyways, off to type a history paper...

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